This was an older post from before I started interviewing people, but Vox was gracious enough to pour her heart out for you lovely denizens of the internet. You can still see the rest of this ridiculously awesome set by backing at http://patreon.com/hellapositive and scrolling though the archive! 

How do you identify?:Welp, I'd like to think of myself as a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde of sorts, but it's be Miss (Enter Last Name Here) and Goddess Vox. I'm a woman, I'm comfortable identifying as such, and don't believe it limits me, or another, in any way. I'm of the amatory variety. I find things and people sexy. Who and what they identify are isn't of any mind to me unless they're presenting something that I don't consent to or vice versa. I have a beau and I have my private life. That private life opens the doors to Feminine Dominance. 

What makes you feel sexy?: I find myself having difficulty answering this. I can find myself feeling a little spicy in a number of ways. Many of my clients enjoy putting me on a pedestal and that, in itself, can be very sexy. Other times....it's that one dress, or that shade of lipstick, or that piece of lingerie, or the way the light hit my ass in that perfect photograph.....Sometimes....sometimes It's being a bad ass at the office and other days, it's my beau giving me that....that look. The wind blowing the right way that day can just make me feel like I'm floating around on one big, sexy cloud.  

What is your favorite part of you?: I think this repeats the same sentiment as above. Some days, it's my brain...the ability to have positive, productive corridors of life and them all be cohesive. Some days, my favorite part about me is the way I nurture everyone and turn into a Mother Hen of sorts. Days that I catch them in the mirror? My eyes. Days that I catch IT in the mirror...my ass....Sometimes, it's the art that I've been given the gift of wearing permanent....and some days my favorite part of me is knowing you. 

Is there anything else you want the world to know?: Hm. My views. We're all insecure. About one thing or another. Some handle theirs better than others, some need encouragement and can grow to understand and approach them better, and some will forever battle with those cruxes as large, glaring demons. Sexuality and sexiness shouldn't ever need to be one of those things. While, granted, I keep my Femme Domme business very separate from my day to day life and interestingly, it doesn't play a role in my relationship, I'd like to think it's something I own. What you are, who you are, and what and who you seek are all up to you and that thing that you're doing and maybe it's with that willing participant. Past that, does it really need to matter how weird it gets? If it's sexy, it's fucking sexy, and that's the way I like it.


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How do you identify?: My name is Josie and I am a cis-female, most likely bisexual, and using she/her pronouns. I am first generation Asian American. I am exploring ethical non-monogamy but still meandering my way about. This photo series is highly important to me because it is one of many steps of me reclaiming my sexuality and embracing my sensuality. I grew up on the West Coast in a very conservative and small town which as you can guess, dear reader, can be highly toxic. Once I left my community behind for college, I started breathing in the world and all its options, sensual and othetwise around me. And here we are today, a veritable butterfly out of her chrysallis.

What makes you feel sexy?: That's a difficult question, but I would say feeling in control of how I present to the world makes me feel sexy. Being able to clothe myself in fashion, regardless of how loud it may be, makes me feel like I am living out my own narrative. Which of course gives me the confidence to feel like I ask all you beautiful people out.

Anything else you want to share?: Hmmm, I don't have much to say, but I do think we should all give sex workers their due, whether it be porn performers, cam stars, escorts, masseuses, outdoor sex workers, strippers, sugar babies, etc. They provide sexual fantasies for so many people hence they should be given additional legal protection given the dangerous nature of their work


It was really lovely visiting my former home (and forever home of my heart,) Chicago for a week around Thanksgiving. I'm actually writing this from one of my old haunts, a local bike messenger hang out. Sigh, I wish I was as cool or as pretty as they are. But I digress. Definitely one of the highlights of this trip was getting to hang out and make some art with one of the coolest people I've had the privilege to call friend in this vast city, Rachel. We shot in their South Loop apartment, a place they considers a part of them. It's beautiful, and they're quite justifiably proud of the space they've created. I was dubious because it's kind of dim in there this time of year, but in the end it felt right to be in a space that fit them like a glove. If you want to see the full set, check out my Patreon at http://patreon.com/hellapositive.

After our shoot I asked Rachel a few questions, a format I'm definitely going to try to keep up. Here's what they wrote:

How do you identify? 

I identify as a non-binary woman—for me, this means I feel comfortable moving through the world as a woman and being read as a woman, but I don't believe in the gender-binary and I don't want to prop it up. She/her and they/them pronouns are both excellent ways to refer to me. I'm ethically-non-monogamous, bisexual, and queer. My moods almost entirely fall into the categories Old Tegan and Sara or New Tegan and Sara, and my gender presentation ranges from femme for the summer to butch in the winter. Since I like farmers markets, yoga pants, flannel and all-pumpkin-everything, and my apartment is twee af, you could also call me a basic butch.

What makes you feel sexy?

I started training in aerial circus earlier this year, and while there's nothing sexy about falling on my face 20+ times a day, watching myself get stronger and seeing my body as a tool for doing some pretty cool tricks, rather than as an object of aesthetic pleasure, has ironically made me feel sexier. I guess it's like, "Hi, I can do pull-ups for days. Let's make out?" You know those T-shirts that say "The Future Is Female"? I recently bought one that says "The Future Is Female Ejaculation." I expect to feel sexy when I wear it.

What is your favorite part of you?

In keeping with the previous question, I'm going to have to say my lats, brah. It keeps startling me to see photos of them (I'm sure I'm the only one who really notices this, but I feel like they've gotten huge!). Downside: I don't fit into some of my cuter, underwire bras anymore. Very much upside: I am not really wearing bras anymore.

Is there anything else you want the world to know about you and/or your views on sex/sexuality/relationships/sexinessthings?

Yes. Here is my unsolicited advice/PSA for couples out there looking for a unicorn: Be open to splitting up sometimes, and be the unicorns you want to see in the world. Queerness isn't a choice for everyone, but it can be. Make it happen. We will all get laid more and it will be glorious.


I've decided to try an idea I've been kicking around, to make these blog posts more of an interview. I asked Liz a few questions, and what they sent back was so incredibly beautiful and perfect I've decided to just post it verbatim. I'm going to throw in my shameless plug tag now, and say if you want to check out the full set go back my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/hellapositive because backers get exclusive access to all the outtakes. Okay, plug over, everything that follows are Liz's words, unedited.

I'm agender and go by they/them pronouns, but my friends and I like to joke that my "true gender" is "cryptid" (my nickname is Lizard and the lizard person jokes happen often). My identity is queer. I'm demi-panromantic and asexual. Sometimes I'm sex positive, but only with people with whom I've had some sort of strong romantic feelings. Generally I'm sex-repulsed which throws off people as I love lingerie. But I generally view lingerie as something I enjoy outside of sexual contexts—I wear it because it makes me feel good, not for anyone else. I'm also extremely monogamous in all regards which seems to be on the way out, but I try not to let that discourage me from finding someone I can be with longterm.

What makes me feel sexy isn't something I've thought about much. I find that I feel the closest thing I can think to sexy when I'm looking into the eyes of someone to whom I've mutual desire and attraction. Beyond that, I've started to feel really beautiful without my makeup done and with my natural hair all over the place. I feel amazing when I don't wear a bra under my shirts. I think my brand of sexiness is being myself, for myself. I was bullied a lot growing up and had a lot of complexes about various parts of my appearance, but I've found that those are the thing I'm learning to love most about myself. Self-love and acceptance are beautiful. And I think beauty is what I feel more than sexy.

My favorite part of myself is my passion for everything I do, hobbies and otherwise. Comics, cosplay, LARPing, D&D, gaming, fashion, makeup, reading, art, design... but also my friends, my chosen family, and social and political activism. I'm an Angry Queer Intersectional Feminist Killjoy and I wear the title with pride.

Being agender and queer and femme is so important to me. Femme erasure and femme hate is far too common in the queer community. While I have androgynous days and alter my appearance to align with that as needed, it's important to me that femmes are acknowledged as valid and deserving of love and support. There is no one way to express queerness. Femme isn't weak. It's not conforming to patriarchal ideals. Femme is a powerful thing. I'm just as queer in lipstick as I am in combat boots—and I often wear both simultaneously.


I've a friend with a tattoo on her arm that says "Speak your truth" and I think that's the most important part of my life—living authentically. Having the freedom to be myself and be safe, affirmed, and loved. I'll keep working hard and speaking up so one day we may live in a world where we all truly feel we belong.

I fail to see how making one's body visible diminishes their worth and personhood—how it tarnishes their intellect or self-respect. It's a body. We all have one. I like mine a lot (apart from the occasional gender dysphoria-related feelings) which is something an insufficient number of people can say.


This was such a fun shooting St Louis, Missouri. I got about three hours of sleep the night before, but it was totally worth it to catch the sunrise.

Olivia wanted to be a badass wild woman, and made her own outfit on top of doing her own hair and make up to complete the look.

We spent a lot of time with her hanging out in this tree, starting during twilight and catching the entire gorgeous sunrise, complete with fog on the grass and everything.

After the sun was well and truly up we changed locations to a different park, with a lot of rocks and small waterfall, and a pond to catch some fun reflections in.

These are just a few of my favorites from this shoot, the final set had over 40 images! If you wanna check out the rest, hop on over to http://patreon.com/hellapositive!

Here's Olivia's story:

"Boys didn't like me because I was too skinny and rough around the edges. They weren't used to a girl who could play sports like them, run as fast as they could, and climb trees as high. I didn't tell them that it was because I ran away from beatings from the neighborhood kids, my parents, and four brothers, I just told them they'd be sorry if they messed with me. They were. Now I notice the disapproving glances at women who aren't soft and pliant like we are "supposed" to be. How I wished for so long I could be soft like those girls I see every day. The ones that make your heart melt by their sheer existence in space and time. Everyone loves those girls. But you can't unbeat leathered skin. Now I want to be nothing but me. I love me fiercely and I love my people fiercely because that's the only way I know how to love anything. If you've lost something dear, you know how that feels. I'm not afraid of my toughness anymore. Beauty happens to mean more than they told me it did, and even if it didn't, who cares? I am more than my beauty. I am a brilliant brain that will keep working long after my beauty is gone. "


This is Savannah, a wildling and wandering soul just settling into a new home in the Bay Area.

We did the first half of our shoot at home, a rad af warehouse-turned-artist-co-op in Oakland, CA. We took this photo up in a lofted area right under a skylight. Not pictured, just out of frame: massive painting of a loaf of bread.

Things got weird when we went outside. We borrowed the dog from the neighbors.

When we were done at home we took a brief break to wander around the Mission, killing time until the sun got a little lower in the sky. Then it was on to the beach so Savannah could show off her Creature/Primal side.

These are a few of my favorite photos from our shoot, if you want to check out the rest take a peek at my Patreon!