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My name is Callie, and I'm a 21 year old ENFP. I identify as a straight female and, for now, non-monogamous. I value friendship, deep conversation, and open communication beyond all else; and I enjoy exploring romantic relationships with friends that I already know and find interesting and attractive.

My favorite part of me is probably my eyes. The bright green is striking and, if the lighting is right, some flecks of orange are visible that are really unique.

Moving well when the music feels right, whether solo or partnered, is one of the biggest ways that I feel sexy. The dance floor is usually the easiest place for me to let go of any sources of stress and be unapologetically myself. It seems a little more obvious to feel sexy dancing styles like Blues or West Coast, but I think it's equally true of Lindy Hop. Good connection, the ability to listen and respond, creativity, and silliness are all imperative to Lindy Hop, and are things I find extremely attractive.

I never put much thought into conforming to gender roles when I was young. If you'd walked into my childhood home, you would find my younger brother and me playing together doing anything from playing school with dolls and stuffed animals, to fighting with lightsabers and nerf guns. I definitely went through a phase when I was young where I didn't associate with most things considered "girly". I refused to wear anything pink, bought a good number of my shoes from the boy's section (because I had to be able to run fast to beat the boys when we raced on the playground, and so many girls shoes didn't have backs) and wore mostly sweat pants and tshirts unless I was told I had to wear something different. That style choice dissipated before middle school, but I've always been comfortable wearing and liking whatever I wanted.

Sensuality is still a relatively new thing to be explored for me though, because the world I grew up in that said sensual = bad. If you had told me a few years ago that I would be doing a photoshoot where I was taking of my clothes, I would have laughed in your face. There came a point growing up where I couldn't wear a lot of the things I wanted to, because "boys would look at me in an inappropriate way". Showing a shadow of cleavage? You get labeled as a slut by all the girls at school. It's a world filled with contrasting messages about looking feminine, but not *too feminine*. Escaping that environment and learning to dance has been the most beneficial way for me to explore learning how to move and control my body and the power I have freely.