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You can call me Ivory. I am a 26 year old, cis, mostly heterosexual woman (she/her pronouns). My relationship styles have been fully monogamous and also monogamish and I definitely have an interest in further exploring the world of polyamory and open relationships. I enjoy sex a lot, some kinky stuff, and recently dipped my toes into the world of BDSM (something I'd also like to explore further).

My body likes to move, whether it be dancing, swinging around a pole, flopping around the floor in 7 inch heels, or any type of physical exercise really- I just hate sitting still. A few years ago, I picked up pole dancing and enjoy challenging cultural and social norms by expressing and exploring my sexuality through this art form. Not to mention being able to do gravity defying moves makes me feel pretty fucking badass.

I feel sexiest when I've been taking good care of my body; when I'm strong and flexible from attending regular pole classes, getting sufficient sleep, eating a balanced diet, and taking time to de-stress by foam and ball rolling my body.

Clothing (and lack of too) brings all the sexy feels. I feel really good lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday in my silky bathrobe, exposing a lacy bralette under a low cut tank, or wearing anything booty hugging. I also really enjoy walking around the house naked or in my underwear.

My big booty is one of my favourite body parts and I'm also pretty proud of the muscles I've earned through my physical activities. I work hard and I'm proud of how I look because of it. I also love the contoured elegance of my clavicle, my big brown eyes and bright smile.

I've followed Braden's Hella Positive work for a few years and have wanted to be a photo shoot subject for so long. These photos turned out magical and absolutely stunning, thanks Braden!


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This photoshoot was an experience made up of dialectics for me. I am a gray-asexual, autistic, cis, monogamous, hetero woman, who has survived 5+ years of anorexia, major depressive disorder, self harm, and general anxiety disorder. To say that I have a complicated relationship with sexuality and my body is a major understatement. However I am also feminist, an intersectional social justice advocate, body positive, and sex positive. It feels right and good to be vulnerable and open with my body. Seeing the photos has been a process of both disgust and joy, because taking them was so much fun, but the dysphoria I feel when looking at my body is overwhelming.

More often than not I feel utterly disconnected from my body. A major part of my eating disorder was the conviction that my mind was my true self, and my body was simply a random vessel that I was stuck with, one that got in the way and behaved inexplicably. Every moment that I feel actually and truly embodied is radical for me. Unfortunately the first method that I found of feeling embodied was self harm.I’ve always liked the imagery of writing myself on my skin, marking this body as my own. Self harm was a way to brand myself, to claim the skin as my own, and to show others what it was like living inside the body.

Since I’ve become healthier, my tattoos have taken on that role. Each one is like a rope that ties my mind to my flesh and keeps me here. Each tattoo is a choice to make my body my own. I love them, and they are unquestionably my favorite thing about myself because they are a choice while the rest of my body is simply what I ended up with. It feels incredibly powerful to be intentional about what goes on my body. Life will always leave its marks on my body, and if I can choose the marks I leave, that is choosing who I am.

While I am cis, I have experienced an intense amount of body dysphoria and looking at these photos was an exercise in it. In my mind, my body is small, skinny, and strong. I still miss the weight that I was at when I was sick, even if I know that I am healthier now and know that I can be ok with where I am now. Every time I look at my body I hold both of those truths together: I feel disgusted by my current body and my current body is better than starving myself.

One of the only ways that I have found to fight against this negative self image is to harness my autistic sensory sensitivities. When my body is moving I feel joyful and powerful. My body becomes more than a chunk of flesh sitting at my computer (which is most days) and becomes a way to feel the water rushing over me, or to climb to the top of the tree, or to hear the rush of a waterfall. I actually fell off one of the trees into the creek, and the moment when the water touched my skin was the best moment of the shoot. It’s a beautiful, soft kind of pressure that cradles and buoys my body and makes me feel at home in myself. I want other people to see someone else struggling like this, having moments of comfort and acceptance coupled with moments of self hatred. It’s ok to struggle.

I also felt that it was important to represent my asexuality, which is why I spent a lot of the shoot as a narwhal. More often than not, I don’t feel comfortable being viewed as sexy. While I understand that for many people sex is great and I 100% support people’s right to have as much sex as they want, sex for me is a site of trauma and frustration. When I think of sex, more often than not I think of people who don’t listen when I say no, people who want more than I can give, disappointing people I love.

I am currently happily married, and my husband respects my asexuality, but sex is still difficult for us because I am so often dissociated from my body and find touch overwhelming. For me, sexiness comes most often in unexpected and hidden ways. It sneaks out when we’re laughing together, when I feel soft and unguarded, when my self consciousness has melted away (something that is rare). I am not ashamed of being on the asexual spectrum, but I don’t want to be frightened away from sexuality by fear. In our relationship right now, my partner has adjusted a lot to make me comfortable in my asexuality. I feel a push and pull to be more sexual because we have different needs, and I want it to be a mutual solution that works for both of us. I want to create more moments that create that ease in my body, so that I’m not struggling to feel embodied and safe and comfortable.

I want to be perfectly clear that while an allosexual/asexual relationship presents some challenges, our relationship is fucking fantastic. While sex is an area we struggle with, it’s one part of a relationship that is loving and supportive on both sides. It is still amazing to me that I am married to someone who gives me the space to sort out my own identity, communicates his needs and preferences to me, and works to find solutions. It is 100% possible to be in a happy allo/ace relationship.

I cannot finish this post without mentioning my scarring. I have scars all over my body, from a surgery scar on my pubis to self harm scarring down my legs, across my stomach, on my breasts, and on my arms. One of my earliest tattoos was the eating disorder recovery symbol over some of my scarring, which was an important reclamation, but these days my scars feel less like an enemy and more like a reminder. I am not ashamed of my mental illness, and I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done to myself. I have no desire to hide my scars, because I am not interested in hiding from my past. I will not forget how bad things can be when I am not vigilant in caring for myself. Of course as with the rest of my body there is a downside; they can feel so incredibly ugly because they are evidence of the worst moments in my life. They are moments of the times that I hated myself more than I have hated anything else. They are evidence of the times I wanted to give up. While I don’t want to pretend these things didn’t happen, it doesn’t always feel good to have the worst times of your life visible on your skin.

I struggle constantly to hold the past close without being held back by it, to recognize and embrace my neurodivergence without letting it limit me, and to accept my sexual identity without missing out on life.


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My name is Emily and I am Ravenclaw, pansexual, cis-female and use she/her pronouns. I pride myself on my obscure Harry Potter facts, my butt, having a Dumbledore quote for almost any situation, my lips, my voice, my banjo playing skills, and arguably being the most incredibly awkward flirter in the world. My flirtation style is being as blunt as possible. It centres around things I like about people in hopes of making them feel good, giggle and blush... unfortunately that is also generally how I communicate and try to make friends. Even I'm not always sure if I'm flirting or not. I love mutual flirting. It makes me feel playful, intense, sexy, and up for a challenge. 

It has taken me some time to see myself in these photographs. I often disassociate my brain from my body and it takes me some time to look and see a reflection of who I am in pictures. Here, there are so many versions of me. I see my nerdy self. I see me who is regularly lost in thought. I see a softer side and a curious side of myself. I see a silly, sexy, and dare I say sticky side which somehow feels the most like me as I'm unable to contain my laughter. However, while these are all ways that I perceive myself on a regular basis, they're not how I perceive myself sexually. 

I feel sexy when I'm being playful and snuggly. I feel sexy when I'm heavily connecting with another person on a romantic and deep emotional level. I feel sexy when I lose myself to a song. I feel sexy when someone is on their knees, begging me to let them touch me and all I have to do is let one word out to grant their wish, or make them work harder to earn it. I feel sexy when I allow myself to gain and lose control in turn. 

Vulnerability and passion to me are what makes someone attractive. I find myself attracted to people who are willing to let me see beneath the surface. I find myself attracted to people who get excited about something and are willing to share their joy. I find myself attracted to people who are open and willing to try new things, especially when it's discovering new things together. 

However, none of these things really lead to much without connection. Connection is my catalyst for love of all varieties. It is what starts to give me goosebumps and butterflies and all sorts of involuntary physical reactions. It could be connection for just a moment, it could be a connection that last years, but without connection, I am never truly satisfied. It can allow people to discover a new world, get lost in it together, or let the rest of the world melt away. Those are the moments in which I feel the most sexy;  those are the moments in which I feel the most vulnerable; and, those are the moments in which I feel the most passionate. 

Vox Redux

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There's something about a camera. It makes a person feel one of two ways; either they feel shy and insecure, or they feel powerful and the most sexy they're able. I prefer the latter. A camera gives you the ability to tell the exact story you desire it to. A camera gives you the control that being in person never can. 

My story is one of many paths and many endings. A story that is filled with great adventures and sad ends. New beginnings and rich history.

I want to give as much as my heart can bleed. I want to experience as much as my feet can get dirty, as much as my lungs can swell with breath, as much as my heart can pound with anxiety. I wish to feel the warmth of others and the cold of isolation. I want to flip those scripts, just as well.

Beauty, sexiness, power.... it can all be obtained by anyone that wants to reach for it.

Pain and strife can paint beautiful pictures, too. It is the madness with which some create their greatest works.

Own your story. Own your path. Own your history and your future. 

Go on an adventure. Go on one of any kind. Let it be mentally, let it be physically, let it be spiritually, but let it engulf you and take you under. 

You are mine, as I am yours. For this, I am happy, and forever grateful.   Thank you. For everything, dear spirit. 

Thank you for the ability to feel yours and share mine.


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See Shay's full set by backing at http://patreon.com/hellapositive!

My name is Shay, but if you know me from the burlesque community, you would call me as Sherman. I am genderfluid, and somewhere in the middle on every gender/sex/personality/relationship style spectrum. I use “they” pronouns when I am performing, because I am so many different people in all of my acts. Plus, I don’t want you to know if the big reveal is going to have boobs, a dick, or both. I toyed with the idea of using “they” pronouns in my daily life, but I feel more comfortable responding to she, they, and he, depending on the event, the conversation, the person. I don’t want to decide on a pronoun, because I want to be playful and flexible with my presentation. This is a subject matter close to my heart, and how people wish to be called is important to me. My lack of deciding on only one way to be or be called is equally important, as it is where I am most comfortable. I want the space to not take my own personal gender seriously. I want to be a drag king, a drag queen, a butch, a femme, a daddy, a slut, and all the things in between. Just please don’t mistake me for a straight woman, I am neither of those things.

I gravitate towards men of all kinds (I’m a sucker for beards), trans people and GNC people for sexual partners. I like the people I spend time with to be very comfortable with themselves, and their gender/sex identity. I don’t care what genitals you were born with, I don’t care what your body type is. As an artist, the thing that turns me on the most in a partner is their creativity. It can be anything: poetry, woodworking, dance, sound editing, knitting, underwater basket weaving - the people that are deserving of my time are the ones that live and breathe art, and have that burning desire to be and create beauty around them. I want to spend the whole day with someone, talking over each other about ideas we have for projects, then helping each other with our projects when it makes sense, working side by side separately when it makes sense, and taking a break every 90 minutes or so for sex, or at least, making out.

I’m poly, and have been before I knew poly was a thing. I have a lot of energy, and a lot of empathy, and for one person to receive all my love and romantic attention would be too much. There are a lot of different kinds of relationships I enjoy: I like having a traditional primary partner; someone to get stoned and cuddle with or without sex (but always with cartoons); someone to make art and have sex with; someone to explore pain limits and bdsm with, with or without sexual play; burlesque partners; tag team partners for wrestling; someone to pop back pimples with. All these friendships require trust, chemistry, and communication. Sex is nice, I’m a very sexual person, but I cannot do without love and I cannot do without art, and look for these things first and foremost when I am relating with people and planning out how to spend my extrovert time.

I also help run a queer pro-wrestling league. We do our wrestling antics at music shows, and as productions on their own. As an abuse survivor, finding a group of femme people and ladies to have predetermined violence with has been excellent exposure therapy. It has made touch okay, it is a way to have platonic touch with my friends. We all trust each other with our lives, and are getting out our aggression in a healthy and fun way. Pro wrestling is one of the only American-made performance art forms, and I hope to create a response to the typically misogynistic, racist, and generally problematic as fuck world of wrestling with my awesome friends, and whoever else wants to join. I’m mentioning this here to let you know there are ways to feel confident and strong with your body, without sexualizing it (sometimes, if you want). Here’s a link of us doing our thing for one of our good friends bands, Palehound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw3buU7goHo

As a former born again Christian, I spent a lot of time in my early years feeling guilty for wanting to date two people at once, wanting to give blowjobs before I got married, smoking weed, masturbating, liking queer people, being queer myself, thinking my body was beautiful, and wanting to be naked around my friends. The particular suburban brand of Christianity I followed also made me feel uncomfortable being a certain body type, weight, and personality. I tried being a girl like the ones in my school and the ones you saw in the magazines, but never could get it quite right and settled on a more goth/theater kid style in my early years. Now, some days I wear fit and flare dresses, and other days I wear overalls. I am almost done feeling guilty, but still have to actively work on making sure I am being true to myself, and not trying to stuff myself into a box out of habit.

I feel sexiest when I’m pinned down by another person and they are clearly extracting pleasure from my body. I like to be objectified, to have someone take pleasure from being with me, and I like them to pretend they have little regard for my own pleasure (but like actually give me orgasms tho). When someone takes the time to figure out what I like in bed, and then do the things I like without me having to explicitly ask for them every time, is a level of consideration that makes me feel cherished, and sexy. If I’m looking to feel sexy on my own, a nice pair of italian made stockings that require the use of a garter belt is probably my peak sexual experience.

I don’t exactly feel “sexy” when I am performing burlesque, but I do feel confident, which is a good tool for feeling sexy, later. It’s like, fake it till you make it. In wrestling and burlesque, I pretend to be over the top sexy and strong, and the audience’s response pushes me over the threshold, and I actually do wind up feeling those things. Burlesque is more about playing a character perfectly, and showing the audience how much you love your body. The story isn’t always sexual, and my body is beautiful outside of the context of sex and the male gaze. The big difference between classic and neo burlesque, I think, is that classic sexualizes the performer for the sake of the audience member, whereas in neo, the performer is naked for their own joy, and whether or not you are horny from it is irrelevant. I want to be naked and visible, because when I was younger, I didn’t see anyone that looked or acted like me being confident with their body or sexual identity. In these terrible Trump years, the best thing I can do is let people know it is okay love yourself when you are short or fat or queer or single or dating five people or bald or shy or a prude or a virgin. I want other people to see me, I want to be the role model I never had. No matter who you are, if you want to make art in the neo-burlesque scene, you absolutely can. I would have never had the confidence to not wear a bra, shave my head, to be a girl one day and a boy the next, or to explain the complications of my non binary queer self, if I didn’t get to process those things through gender play on a stage.


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I believe that proficiency in all things can be accomplished if you have two things: the courage to try and the discipline to practice.

My experience posing for these pictures was not what I'd HOPED for, but pretty much what I'd expected it to be. I had HOPED I would find that in the right space and the right light with a photographer I trusted to produce stunning photos, I would begin to recognize my own physical beauty and dare to try some "sexy" poses. I'm not particularly modest in terms of people seeing my naked body - I was a studio model for a number of years and performed nude in a dance piece in college - but I don't personally find bodies to be inherently sexy, least of all mine. Sometimes I wonder if I speak really openly and casually about sex in order to conceal the fact that I'm actually pretty self-loathing about my sexual expressiveness.

Sexiness, as I experience it, lives somewhere in the spaces between postures, behaviors, and attitudes, but depends heavily on comfort and confidence. I find that the moments when I find people to be the most sexy are when they are nonchalantly discussing something they have created or are particularly skilled at, not to boast but because it is an area of comfort or a passion for them. It's what they occupy their minds with, and they light up sharing it with anyone. They can be wearing anything, standing, sitting, or lounging anywhichway, with food on their face and their hair a wreck, but they are not thinking about anything in that moment except that exchange. They are sexy precisely because they don't know any other way to be.

But sexiness in its more commonly used sense, associated with physical attributes and the more "come-hither" behavior that people seem generally to react (positively) to, I find almost always discomforting. I think this is primarily because I both admire and are jealous of people who can act sexy. I want their skill so badly but lack the courage and desire to try, let alone practice. To be fair, this is a relatively new and growing resistance; I used to "practice" being sexy with the aid of a little (a lot) of liquid courage, but it only brought me immediate physical gratification and unhealthy relationships. That feedback loop has convinced me that if I have to act sexy in order for someone to find me desirable, that person doesn't love the me I'm comfortable with.


I WANT to be more comfortable embracing my own brand of sexuality rather than begrudging those who already do. I empathized with a previous blogger who feels like her photos aren't as sexy and don't belong among the other sets on this site. However, being photographed and choosing photos for this helped me understand more about why I find what I find sexy and how I could enter back into that mindset so that as I practice, and with every future photo, I can feel sexy, as me. I expect that it will include more dancing and more props :)

Lucy and Miro

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We are Lucy and Miro, and we are a kinky, non-monogamous couple. We currently have a Master/pet dynamic that is mostly 24/7, but we are both switches. Lucy is polyamorous, and Miro, as part of our dynamic of him being owned, is mostly monogamish. We are both major exhibitionists, and sometimes perform in porn together.

We met around 6 months ago, when a mutual friend dragged a slightly drunk Miro to a pre-party that Lucy was having for a burlesque and fetish night at a Berlin club. 

Lucy: When Miro walked in the door wearing his latex catsuit, my first thought was “damn, he looks good,” and my second thought when he turned around was “damn, he has a nice ass!” I really liked him, and tried to spend some time with him once we got to the club. It’s worth noting that I had been looking for a submissive guy to play with for a really long time at this point! Later in the night, Miro accidentally spilled his drink on my leg. Our mutual friend suggested that Miro lick it clean – I agreed that was a good idea so I told Miro to get down on his knees and clean up the mess. As he was licking my leg I knew that I had found my sub - it just felt right. The rest of the night was pretty tame, but I remember texting my best friends the next day saying “Hey you know how I’ve been looking for a sub for so long? I found him, it’s that guy who was wearing the latex catsuit last night!”

Miro: I can be a little oblivious sometimes. I remember thinking Lucy was really cool, and licking the drink off of her leg was a great moment. Maybe a little light went off in my head that it felt right but the whole party was so overwhelming that I didn’t notice I was totally being flirted with. 

Our first date was to a local latex store – it still took a while after that to get things going, as Miro is not neurotypical and sometimes has a hard time picking up on social cues. Once we both knew that we were into each other, things took off pretty quickly!

BDSM has been a very central part of our relationship since the beginning. It’s a really important way for us to express love and trust to each other, while also enriching each other’s lives. Our current dynamic is a 24/7 power exchange, with the exception of one or two days a week that we spend out of dynamic or switching. We use the titles “kitten” for Miro and “Master” for Lucy, which are good descriptors for our roles.  Pet play is a big part of our dynamic, and Miro is almost always wearing his collar and ears. Service is another important facet; Miro always makes breakfast and coffee for Lucy, cleans her apartment, and runs errands for her. These dynamics continue strongly in our sex life, which also includes a lot of pain play (Lucy is a major sadist and Miro is a major masochist) as well as teasing and denial for Miro. None of these dynamics were strictly laid out beforehand, and there is no contract between us. Everything grew more or less organically, and is always open to discussion and evolution as our relationship develops. One example of that is the recent addition of switching to our relationship – occasionally, Lucy will ask Miro to top her for the night, and our roles will completely reverse. We both enjoy this immensely, not only as a way for us to experience our switch sides, but also as a different and powerful way for us to connect.

Another thing that clicked between us from the beginning was how exhibitionistic we both are. It’s natural, enjoyable, and just plain hot to show as much of our connection and sexuality as we can. It’s very normal for us for Miro to be wearing his cat ears and tail in normal public situations, and for Lucy to be leading him around on a leash at fetish-friendly events. We are both super comfortable being naked in front of people, and we both get really turned on by people watching us have sex. It’s not only about how hot it is though; consciously expressing ourselves is an important ideology we share. Neither of us have any desires to conform to social standards by dressing nor acting in any other way than precisely how we want to. It’s also important to both of us to show people our kink (when appropriate, of course) because a lot of people simply haven’t seen a femdom relationship like ours, or have questions about it. We’ve had some wonderful, meaningful experiences at vanilla (yet sex-positive) events, talking to people who have never seen a dynamic like ours – one where there is visibly a lot of care and love, but also a strong female-led power exchange, and sometimes a lot of pain. We love answering questions and spreading positivity about BDSM.

That’s why we wanted to shoot for Hella Positive – to show all sides of our relationship, and show that we are regular people, not just crazy kinksters that no one can relate to.


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I’m Miro, a mostly straight hedonist living in Berlin. I’m an artist and I have started shooting a bit of porn, which has so far been an amazing and humbling experience. I say mostly straight based on the numbers more than anything else. So far things have happened to click more often with girls than guys. I might be more picky with guys, and I might also still be dealing with some good old American internalized homophobia. The term “mostly straight” also seems to attract less attention from people skeptical about the idea of bisexuality. 

But to me, sex has a lot more to do with more along the lines of kink than gender. What interests me most about people is what they’re into and the energy they give off. As a person on the autistic spectrum, communication has always been a big issue for me. I remember the word “behavior” getting thrown around in countless teacher-parent meetings after whatever latest social fuckup. 

Long story short, I am so grateful for all of the tools and structure BDSM gives to human interactions. Things like rules are extremely comforting and help point me in the right direction for how to act. Otherwise the rush of all my overwhelming emotions can be hard to translate into words and body language. For me, power exchange is also a crucial way to show what you’re willing to put on the line for the relationship. Words, kisses and soft touches can be beautiful and powerful, but putting my life in someone’s hands and letting them make me scream, cry, bleed, and drip with desire (maybe with an orgasm as the cherry on top) helps me feel connected to them on a deeper level. Something beyond what words can express. 

It’s also really important to me to be able to feel vulnerable. To let go of the standard level of competence, independence and confidence that you’re expected to have in your day to day persona. To look up at the person you love and feel small, a little afraid, but so painfully wide open to the whole world of sensations around you, to the comforting blanket of nurturing love and control that your top has over you. Letting go of years of pragmatism, cynicism and resignation. 

Reality bites, and I think it’s a critically neglected part of modern adult life to create our own safe, alternate reality within a scene or a power dynamic. For example- I’m not actually a kitten. I’m not small and I don’t have fur. But when I’m in that headspace, and I have my collar and ears and tail on, I can express myself in so many other ways than what you’re normally permitted as an adult in human society. I can be silly. I can be deadly sincere, holding my head tall and proud. And I’m happy to walk down the street in my pet gear to show people that something like this is totally fine. Not to mention how proud I am to have such an awesome Master. 

So uhh what makes me feel the most sexy at the moment is when I see this little tragic tender softening in my Master’s eyes when she sees how owned and desperately in love I am. Sometimes just from her holding my head or neck. I also love wearing latex and being objectified and used as a toy, especially in front of lots of people. 

All in all I guess I’m just incredibly grateful that I live in a city where I can express so much of who I am and I hope to spread the message that being a complete freak is totally fine. And it’s worth it to be as out as you possibly can. Life doesn’t wait. 


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My name is Lucy, and I’m a polyamorous, hedonist, and vegan feminist and ally. I’m 21 years old and I’m a straight, cis woman. I work as a porn performer and occasional sex ed writer, and I’m passionate about BDSM, sex education, and art in all its forms.

Sex is a major part of my life, and I experience so many facets of it that it was difficult to decide what to write about for this piece. A typical week for me these days will include shooting a porn scene, modelling for nude photos, doing a few intense BDSM scenes in my personal life, and then staying up all weekend going to sex clubs or play parties. I try and remember that this lifestyle I’ve built probably seems pretty extreme and crazy to some people (it was unthinkable to me just two years ago!), as it’s accepted, celebrated, and normalized in my circles here in Berlin.  I am so thankful to live in Berlin, where I can express myself to the absolute fullest in these ways with no boundaries, even in public spaces. 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I feel the same way about sexiness. My sexiness is always a part of me, but I feel it the most when someone is appreciating it in a positive way – whether it’s people staring at me as I walk through a party, a friend at a club touching me while we flirt, my partner looking up at me as I hurt him, or people watching me have sex on a screen. I’m a major exhibitionist, if you couldn’t already guess! I also really feel my sexiness during power exchange – I thrive on the sexual power of being a Domme, and I also love being sexually objectified as a sub.

I’m really thankful to be so appreciative and positive about my sexuality and body, and to be surrounded by people who are as well. A lot of it is circumstance – growing up in a household that wasn’t religious or sex negative, happening upon some great sex ed resources online when I was a teenager, and then moving to one of the most sex positive cities in the world for entirely unrelated reasons. But I also worked for a lot of it, by doing things like forcefully pushing through the discomfort that usually surrounds talking openly about sex and genitals, gradually pushing myself to be comfortable being naked and fully exposed in front of people, and dissecting and getting rid of any sex-negative thoughts. At the risk of tooting my own horn too much, I have to say that being this sex-positive and self-accepting is really fucking awesome. I want everyone to feel this way, which is why I am so passionate about spreading sex-positivity, body-confidence, and sex education.


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I’m Becca. I’m 26 and I identify as a pansexual cisfemme human. My relationship style? Not so sure. Monoromantic, polysexual seems to be the one that I default to the most. I often find myself embarrassed to admit to my community that I like a bit of the traditional relationship mishegas.

Sexuality has always been something that I have been fascinated with from a very young age. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that didn’t hide much for me when educating me about the ins and outs of human sexuality - it was normalized. I discovered sexuality with myself at quite a young age and, when I was at the point where I wanted to share that with others, I never shied away from acting upon my desires. I was relatively comfortable in my body. My sexuality was (and still is) a huge part of my identity.

Things took a bit of a turn for me when I was 22, in my second-to-last semester of college, and I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I spent two years of my life undergoing intensive chemotherapy. When treatment began, my body changed a lot. Many people assume that everyone loses weight while on chemo...unfortunately a big part of my treatment were courses of steroids, which have a side effect of causing significant weight gain (in addition to other, less-than-pleasant side effects). I was bald, bloated (it’s all water weight), and I had such bad stretch marks that my skin was splitting. Chemo left me with the inability to connect with my own sexuality - something that I always found to be a comfort in my times of stress. For two years, this was my norm. After stopping steroids, I very quickly lost much of the water weight - but my body was not the same as it was before. I had dark stretch marks all over my body, arms, under my breasts. I felt embarrassed to show my body to anyone.

When I finished treatment, I was fortunate enough to stumble into a warm, welcoming, sex-positive, body-positive community. It was there that I was able to reconnect with my sexuality. My sex drive came back and it wasn’t long before I started exploring with other people again. For quite some time I would warn everyone, before I took my clothes off, that I had significant scarring. However, after some time, I realized that not once were people bothered by my scars. Slowly they have started to feel like a unique part of me. I have finally reached a point where I am much more comfortable in my body and that’s a huge part due to the sex-positive, body-positive community that surrounds me.

My body is different but pretty damn sexy - I’m curvier, I have badass scars, and most importantly, I’m healthy.


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I identify as a cis woman (she/her), bisexual but almost exclusivly heteroromantic. Non-monogamous, sapiosexual, kinky, advocate of sexpositivity. I used to have doubts over being too slutty, but I grew up to being honest and proud of who I am and what I do. Suprisingly, when I share that with supposedly conservative Poles most of the reactions are absolutely positive. It usually goes among lines of "I'd never like to go to swingers club, but if it is something you feel like doing - good for you! Also, your vagina picture on your wall is really cool".

I like being naked. Both alone and among other people. I never really thought that I am pretty, but always kinda liked my body. It's hourglass shape, with boobs to grab, ass to spank and slim waist in between. But recently I gained a lot of weight and started focusing on other things - how my belly rounded or how that area around armpits looks bad in a sleevless dresses. On the one hand, I'd love to change my mindset to 'all bodies are beautiful' and making those pictures was the step in that direction. On the other, I really don't approve my lifestyle. I eat mostly junk food, almost don't excerscise, and I am afraid that if i don't get angry on my looks, i won't change a thing. Anger gets stuff done, unconditional acceptance will only make me eat more cake.

For me feeling sexy is not much about the appearance, clothing or any accesories. I am more of the girl next door than the femme fatale, rarely do make-up or wear high heels. I feel sexy when I dance. I feel sexy when I think about sex. I feel sexy when I am being watched, kissed, touched or when I touch myself. I feel sexy when I flirt. I feel sexy when I feel desired. I love to meet someone new and recognize in their eyes THAT spark, saying "You are cute, I want to do things with you". Those moments when you aren't yet sure how far it will all go, but you know something is definitely there. I'm sexy when I'm ready for whatever the night might bring.

Miss Rita Regrets

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I am a ciswoman and an ally. I have often thought about what it means to be a women, but it occurs to me that I have never really tried to define my sexuality. For a long time I was sure that everybody was like me to some extent, that they would get sexually attracted to or fall in love with people regardless of gender or sex. I could label myself as pansexual, but more that that I feel like an ally. Because I have never lived through the struggles that my lgbt+ friends have.

My body has been sexualised for most of my life. I have what some people might call a “commercially perfect body”. A body that fits well into a stereotypical and normative view of female beauty. I have lean legs, a small waist and big boobs.

I entered puberty quite early, with a heavy flow and exponentially growing breasts. But it was not the changes to my body that confused me, it was the realisation of how my body affected other people. That some people would gaze at me and comment about my physical attributes that I had never before even thought about.

In high school, friends started to introduce me as “Rita with the big boobs”, and I could not make out whether or not that was a good thing. They stuffed their bras with extra pads and pulled down their spaghetti tops so that they would show the just the brim of their laced edged lingerie. While I did my best to show off my shape without being too “slutty” or “vulgar”. It made be proud to have something people was jealous of, but I also knew that compliments about my body would inevitably be a bad thing.

Female role models and family members talked about this type of affection as something bad and unwanted, something that you should avoid at all costs. Compliments about one’s physical attributes were sexualising and objectifying. Which stood in stark contrast to becoming a strong and independent woman.

I ended up in a limbo between being the “good girl” with high ambitions and being a teenager in search of my own identity. I wanted to be sexy, I loved the attention and I had fun experimenting with styles and makeup. But the attention always made me feel conflicted, delighted but always with a hint of shame. The shame expressed itself in different ways. I wore fitted clothes, but did not show my cleavage. I washed my thongs by hand a hung them to dry in my closet because I was sure that my mother would not approve of my choice of underwear. I even found myself turned off by some sexual positions because i thought of them as demeaning.

One specific moment that made me reflect about these thoughts was when my boyfriend at the time proclaimed that it was sexy when girls did not themself know that they were sexy. I was upset because I realized that I could be sexy in the eye of the male viewer, but not on my own account. Because that would be perceived as slutty and provocative.

As I reached my twenties I was naturally drawn into the world of burlesque. It was a place where I was allowed to create my own beauty. Where I was free to say “I know I'm sexy” Where I suddenly did not “ask for it”.

Burlesque and nude photography is not only something I love doing, but it is a way for me to keep in charge. It is a way for me to be sexy when I want to be sexy, instead of being sexualised without my consent.

I love that body positivity is a core value in the scene. But I'm worried that it sometimes gets confused with the ideal of natural beauty. I feel sexy without makeup and other products. But what's even more tantalizing to me is to enhance my look with eyeliner, lipstick and a well fitted dress. Because when I create my look I create me. And I don't think it should be viewed differently if you have tattoos, cosmetic surgery or in any other way enhance your body. Because I think every person should be in charge of their own view of beauty and how they want to achieve it.


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My name is Callie, and I'm a 21 year old ENFP. I identify as a straight female and, for now, non-monogamous. I value friendship, deep conversation, and open communication beyond all else; and I enjoy exploring romantic relationships with friends that I already know and find interesting and attractive.

My favorite part of me is probably my eyes. The bright green is striking and, if the lighting is right, some flecks of orange are visible that are really unique.

Moving well when the music feels right, whether solo or partnered, is one of the biggest ways that I feel sexy. The dance floor is usually the easiest place for me to let go of any sources of stress and be unapologetically myself. It seems a little more obvious to feel sexy dancing styles like Blues or West Coast, but I think it's equally true of Lindy Hop. Good connection, the ability to listen and respond, creativity, and silliness are all imperative to Lindy Hop, and are things I find extremely attractive.

I never put much thought into conforming to gender roles when I was young. If you'd walked into my childhood home, you would find my younger brother and me playing together doing anything from playing school with dolls and stuffed animals, to fighting with lightsabers and nerf guns. I definitely went through a phase when I was young where I didn't associate with most things considered "girly". I refused to wear anything pink, bought a good number of my shoes from the boy's section (because I had to be able to run fast to beat the boys when we raced on the playground, and so many girls shoes didn't have backs) and wore mostly sweat pants and tshirts unless I was told I had to wear something different. That style choice dissipated before middle school, but I've always been comfortable wearing and liking whatever I wanted.

Sensuality is still a relatively new thing to be explored for me though, because the world I grew up in that said sensual = bad. If you had told me a few years ago that I would be doing a photoshoot where I was taking of my clothes, I would have laughed in your face. There came a point growing up where I couldn't wear a lot of the things I wanted to, because "boys would look at me in an inappropriate way". Showing a shadow of cleavage? You get labeled as a slut by all the girls at school. It's a world filled with contrasting messages about looking feminine, but not *too feminine*. Escaping that environment and learning to dance has been the most beneficial way for me to explore learning how to move and control my body and the power I have freely.


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I’m *hella* gay. And I mean that as both a gender and an orientation. I used to think of gender and orientation as completely disparate identities, but the longer I identify as nonbinary, the more I find that that’s just not…true for me? Like, my gayness is all wrapped up in being nonbinary, in that I experience my gender as yes plx gimme the genders. I just gay my way through life, and try to signal as hard as possible so no one is surprised. I use they/them pronouns, and still get thrown hard when someone I know fucks up my pronouns.

Other super important facets of my identity: I strive to be an intersectional feminist who is aware of issues facing more than just white women and afab people. I do user experience research for a living and love it. My body is meant to be in motion, whether that motion be dancing or climbing or cycling, and I love moving through space. I am a cat person. I am also a futon. I have generalized anxiety disorder and it blows big chunks. I participated in both The Girl Scouts and The Boy Scouts organizations and the GSA is so socially progressive it makes my heart sing and the BSA helped me break up with my evil ex, so I’ve a fondness for the organization despite its shitty policies.

The experience of being in my body when there’s music playing — I think that’s the only way I know how to be sexy. 11 years of social dance training as an adult and six years of the ballet-jazz-tap trifecta as a kid have left me confident in my ability to position and move my body. The sexiest I’ve felt in years was at the Steel City Blues Sunday Late Night party this year. I’d run upstairs and club-danced a couple of songs after my DJ set, and then come back down to the blues room feeling loose and ready to just move to blues dance. I wasn’t dancing for anyone else, and the DJ was masterfully keeping everyone partying. In those songs, I felt the opposite of dysphoria for the first time in a while: I felt gender euphoria - a complete and utter exhilaration at my own gender expression in that dance. I’m still chasing that feeling, three months later, trying to be myself in my dance so completely.

I’ve been working on self appreciation, so when it comes to what is the best thing about me, I won’t stop at one thing: my freckles, my soft round belly, my tattoos, my hair, and my booty. The feeling of muscles being activated and the soreness from working out hard. The way my eyes get all squinty when I’m really happy. The shape of my lips. The shape of my nose. The sensation of someone else’s body squishing into my squishy bits.

But, actually,I think this is my true favorite part of me: I form crushes very easily: oh, you’re cute and said a nice thing to me once and maybe also touched me? CRUSH. You’re a good friend who has listened to me talk on and on? CRUSH. You made me food? CRUSH. You invited me for ice cream? CRUSH. You smiled at me while dancing? CRUSH. You played board games with me? CRUSH. You went with me to see a band? CRUSH. You quietly sat with your partner and took care of them? OH GOSH CRUSH. All of the crushes in my life fill my heart with a little boost of love and excitement. My heart pounds seeing all of that love in the world, and it gives me the buoyancy to make it through the crushing realities of the transphobic garbage of the world. So, hey - thanks for being cute and in the world. <3


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While we were shooting, Braden commented on being able to see me working through the checklist of each instruction he’d given as I got set up each time. This mirrors how I have viewed sexiness for most of my life: a series of instructions and observations that, once applied, produced a result. I was going to say the desired result but as someone who took a long time to learn to say no, I sometimes regretted looking desirable. I remember learning about swishing hips as a kid, and that it had to do with placing your feet one in front of the other. I internalized it so thoroughly that now I have to make a conscious effort to not walk in a straight line.

I observed the women I was attracted to, and the girls who were flirting with the boys I liked, and lined up those observations with things from books, movies, and eventually the internet. I remember a scene in which Michelle Pfeiffer (could have been someone else but it’s her face in the memory) reaches into her bra to tuck up each breast for maximum perk and began doing that when I had the chance. Before my mom took me to buy makeup at 13 (her idea), I was already strategically pinching my cheeks a la Jane Austen characters. While I didn’t overly identify with being female (and certainly not a straight one), I knew who I was “supposed” to emulate.

It’s impossible to know how much of this came off as studied and how much of it was shrugged off during my tendencies to flail and shriek in genuine excitement with very little provocation. My body felt like a trap, and I felt pressure to attract someone to take care of me and hopefully not hit me. It’s hard to think about sexiness or sensuality when you’re consumed by fear. And while I’ve had many good and healing experiences, I still have a lot of fear and triggers around touch.

Receiving massage has been healing, and from a partner it can be sexy. I feel sexy when I’m wearing comfortable and well-fitting clothes. Certainly in a suit, though I’ve yet to get a real tailored suit. Coming out as non-binary trans has made me much more comfortable in my body. I love being in the water, and grass, and sand. I find physical sensations I like and return to them again and again. I believe in always having a backup vibrator. My favorite part of my body has been the same for a couple decades: my eyes. They’re ocean-colored, and I love the sea. And while they’re changeable, they always more or less look the same, no matter what shape my body takes.


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Braden: I don't suppose you've had a chance to do the bio? It doesn't have to be very long

Stella: no i keep thinking about it but it's hard cause i feel so detached from the photos
and trying to think of what makes me feel good about myself is kinda like the opposite

Braden: You could write about that if you'd like
I think that would actually be really good for people to hear

Stella: i just like don't feel like those photos feel like me so it's hard

Braden: You could say that

Stella: cause then it just makes me feel bad that i don't feel better about them and i get into a self critical spiral

Braden: It's okay to feel that way, it really is. I don't want you to write anything that isn't true, that isn't what this is about.
Life isn't always sunshine and roses and suddenly feeling good about yourself. And I think that maybe I contribute to people having that impression, and it would be good for people who don't feel that to have something to relate to

Stella: yeah it just feels like
they shouldn't be on your page cause other than the presence of underwear nothing about those says sexy to me

Braden: Like, you don't find them to be sexy? Or you don't think other people would find them sexy?

Stella: both
every time you post a shoot i think "i don't want mine posted next to that one cause mine sucks"

Braden: I don't think yours sucks. I actually rather like the photo of you by the window with the knife, I think that might end up in my portfolio. Also you licking the knife, your expression is so great.

Stella: yeah but those are the only ones i really love. the other ones i like are really not like. idk. none of it is what i planned on doing and i feel super boring.
it really isn't the end of the world and i should get over it but
it just doesn't feel to me like what your project makes me feel when i read the other posts
i was dissociating and sad that day and none of my wardrobe was what i wanted and i was underweight and couldn't think straight and all of my photos are me looking mean or me staring into space

Braden: Would it be okay if I posted this chat log actually? I think it's really important for people to hear a different experience. That's actually why I started the blog in the first place, so other people can find people they relate to or learn about experiences not their own.

Stella: yeah that works.

Braden: <3 <3 <3

Stella: it kinda funny to me that as a nonbinary person who is assumed to be a cis woman that my femininity is the aspect i struggle most with. like, feeling feminine enough.

Braden: I think that makes a certain amount of sense though, like, being conditioned to meet those expectations all your life and even if you consciously reject some or all of them you still have that internalized standard that you're holding yourself to

Stella: and it isn't that i don't have things i feel good about that was just not a great time for me
and i don't dislike the photos i just don't like them as like a representation of me or how i feel about myself.




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Hey lovely humans!

I go by a lot of names, but mostly Amber. I identify as pansexual, gender fluid, kinky, and polyamorous. I am pretty much all of the things. I’m serious, silly, artsy, studious, lazy, intellectual, bratty, attentive, oblivious, reflective, moody, athletic, receptive, clever, obsessive, and so many other words that help me to understand and share what it means to be me. 

I’m drawn into depth, enraptured by passion, and aroused by connection. I feel sexy when look into the eyes of the person before me and see understanding, acceptance, and desire. I also have a really nice ass. My butt doesn’t make me feel sexy simply through existing though, since I don’t view nudity as inherently sexual. It just helps with the ‘desire’ part mentioned before. Despite this, I do enjoy wiggling it at people enough for it to be considered a hobby.

This photo shoot was meant to capture all of the natural beauty that I have learned to hold dear. In it, I am naked to every capacity of the word. I’m sharing myself now, not without fear, but with without shame. I feel at ease when I’m bound in rope—I’m free to submit, and I’m open to trust. My partner Jason, the wonderful person rigging me, has been with me through my best and my worst, and his adaptive and accepting personality created the perfect space for me to express all of who I am for you.  


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Hello: My name is Jocelyn, and I’m a 6’2” queer human belonging to House Slytherin. I enjoy the feeling of putting on lipstick, taking off clothing with a person that fills me with electricity, and showing off my dance moves to jazz in bars when I know people are watching.

When I feel the most sexy is when I’m being unapologetically myself. It’s when I’m choosing how I present myself, letting my laughter spill out, vocalizing my opinions, and continuing to quote movie lines when no one has any idea what I’m talking about. For me feeling sexy also means a complete declaration of autonomy. My body is a temple and I get to decide what happens to it. I choose the piercings or tattoos that adorn my canvas, the food that fuels my energy, to whom I gift the allowance to touch me, and my right to say “no” at any time. The word “no” has been a word that I have used to its full power only a handful of times. But in regards to the safety, the boundaries, and the pleasures of my body I am learning to say it with fierce intention and strength. My body is my own and anyone who says otherwise can kindly fuck off.

Vulnerability is difficult to allow myself at times - to let go of the expectations to be happy and just feel what I need to feel. There was a moment that Braden caught during the shoot when my body started to shut down from exhaustion and stress. It was important to me to include this moment in the published set to shed light on the reality that not all of our feelings are pretty. But regardless, these feelings are valid and must be seen and felt.

Hello: My name is Jocelyn, and this is me.


Hi! My name is Alyssa. I’m 22 years old. I am female, an introvert at heart, a cat person, a dancer, bisexual, occasionally kinky, and thoroughly pleased by the presence of and participation in many forms of loving relationships. I have my undergraduate degree in Theatre Design & Technology (read as: I’m a badass lady carpenter who likes to build and make things, who loves people of all sorts of identities and bodies, and who just loves to love, in general).

I work as a carpenter/rigger at a few different venues. Being a female in a predominantly male-oriented industry comes with its challenges, and makes me work to maintain my own balance of masculinity and femininity in a way that makes me happy. Some days, that means working extra hard to remind myself that I can love using power tools and building things and welding while also embracing the fact that I’m very empathetic and sensitive. These qualities do not make me weak, and in fact are often extremely valuable in an environment where they are sometimes scarce. Still, honoring the things that make me who I am in a social environment that is often confused by my presence as a (sometimes) feminine woman is difficult. But I love having the chance to show others that my duality of femininity and masculinity is wonderful and effective and important and something to be celebrated.

I end up feeling sexy when I’m able to embrace both of those aspects of myself. Simultaneously appreciating my muscular structure and my natural curves. Dressing up in something feminine and doing my makeup after a long day of creating worlds from plywood and 2x4’s. When I can be myself in all aspects I feel super confident, and when I can tell that the confidence shines through to others, it only adds to how sexy I’m feeling.

I also feel really sexy when I’m connecting with someone else. Being able to feel that certain level of trust, openness, and being completely seen and appreciated by another person on all levels is such a good feeling. For me, these things can take place verbally in vulnerable conversation, emotionally (I often find it difficult to open up consistently without a lot of conscious effort), or physically (like if I’m opening myself up to someone else and giving them some control in the form of using bondage or other fun things).

I love that I am all of these things. It’s definitely been a self-love journey to get to this point, but I am so happy to look in the mirror and have so many favorite parts of myself. I love my sense of humor, my empathy, my patience and ability to be kind, my hugs, my incredibly expressive eyes, my mischievous smirk, my scar on my left shoulder blade that reminds me that the human body can heal and do incredible things, my strong legs and arms and body that lets me do all of the fun things I want to do, my sexuality and all of its wonderfully weird quirks, my boobs, my butt, and that curve at the small of my back that I honestly didn’t realize was so great until I saw the results of this set. Seriously, go check it out, it’s fantastic.

This is just a snapshot of me and who I am today in this moment, but I hope it’s a great reminder that embracing and loving yourself is awesome and so important. Bodies change and relationships adapt and sexuality fluctuates, but there’s always value in taking that time to be kind to yourself – to love yourself for everything that makes you who you are today and all of the things that got you here.


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I’m a femme menace. I’m fucking up with integrity. I’m visceral and vulnerable.

Cis queer woman. Femme. Fat. Aiming at intersectional feminism. Service-oriented always. Relationship anarchist. Always accidentally taking the unforged path because it’s the one that feels right. Kinky since the start. Always already emotional.

I like people. I like people so much that it’s practically a fetish. The kind of “people person” who has trouble masturbating because there’s no one else involved.

For a long time “sexy” to me was performative. It was about eliciting response, and putting on a show, and power, and giving people what they wanted. Some combination of aesthetic and emotion. My friends and lovers and I joke about Sexy Billie, as if she’s an alternate persona that I can invite out and put on. I spend a lot of my life carefully not flirting with people, or unintentionally having the kinds of warm friendly interactions that other people generally claim as flirting, but when I’m Flirting On Purpose? Oh, you’ll know. And that is all still extremely sexy to me. I love the feeling—power, purpose, playfulness—of Sexy Billie.

But more and more, I haven’t been inviting her out. Maybe because I wasn’t going on dates for a while, or because I left burlesque, or because I spent time trying to take up less space to fit into relationships, or because I consciously dialed my sex drive back to mirror partners. Whatever the reasons, that separation between Billie and Sexy Billie grew, to where she was someone I remembered but didn’t know how to be anymore.

Rediscovering and regrowing my connection to sex and sexy has been slow at times, but fruitful. I’ve put work into examining my needs and practicing communicating them. I’ve collaboratively nurtured intensely enriching relationships. I’ve discovered the joy and validation of Femme for Femme love. (Including with my super-femme nonbinary Daddy, who helped out with this shoot.) I’ve become more comfortable with my body: not just tolerant but appreciative and accepting and even celebratory. I’ve always thought my eyes and lips are sexy, and that I have a pretty face. That my tits and ass are top notch. That I have great hair, and great musicality, and excellent use of body language and eye contact and timing. But I’ve also started to appreciate and even feel affectionate about parts of myself that have long caused me discomfort or even distress. I like my belly! (I’ve decided my body type is “stack of pancakes”…) I’ve even been letting my facial hair grow in, despite it being the thing I like least about my physical form, and the body thing that causes me the most distress. These days it elicits mild discomfort tempered with defiant pride.

Most of all, redefining “sexy”, for me, has been a shift from doing to being. Giving myself permission to just exist. To strip away the need to actively perform sexy, and let myself quietly be. Connecting with the present. It’s a further extension of my overarching life project of increased vulnerability and sincerity.

This photoshoot was another moment of stretching my comfort zones around sexiness. I decided that what felt most important to me was to show up and be as authentically and intimately myself as I could. To strip away the pretense, and my urges to Perform Sexy, and show you all some moments of raw me. I wanted genuine laughter and tears and orgasms and pie-eating. And I got it all. You can have it too.