This was an older post from before I started interviewing people, but Vox was gracious enough to pour her heart out for you lovely denizens of the internet. You can still see the rest of this ridiculously awesome set by backing at http://patreon.com/hellapositive and scrolling though the archive! 

How do you identify?:Welp, I'd like to think of myself as a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde of sorts, but it's be Miss (Enter Last Name Here) and Goddess Vox. I'm a woman, I'm comfortable identifying as such, and don't believe it limits me, or another, in any way. I'm of the amatory variety. I find things and people sexy. Who and what they identify are isn't of any mind to me unless they're presenting something that I don't consent to or vice versa. I have a beau and I have my private life. That private life opens the doors to Feminine Dominance. 

What makes you feel sexy?: I find myself having difficulty answering this. I can find myself feeling a little spicy in a number of ways. Many of my clients enjoy putting me on a pedestal and that, in itself, can be very sexy. Other times....it's that one dress, or that shade of lipstick, or that piece of lingerie, or the way the light hit my ass in that perfect photograph.....Sometimes....sometimes It's being a bad ass at the office and other days, it's my beau giving me that....that look. The wind blowing the right way that day can just make me feel like I'm floating around on one big, sexy cloud.  

What is your favorite part of you?: I think this repeats the same sentiment as above. Some days, it's my brain...the ability to have positive, productive corridors of life and them all be cohesive. Some days, my favorite part about me is the way I nurture everyone and turn into a Mother Hen of sorts. Days that I catch them in the mirror? My eyes. Days that I catch IT in the mirror...my ass....Sometimes, it's the art that I've been given the gift of wearing permanent....and some days my favorite part of me is knowing you. 

Is there anything else you want the world to know?: Hm. My views. We're all insecure. About one thing or another. Some handle theirs better than others, some need encouragement and can grow to understand and approach them better, and some will forever battle with those cruxes as large, glaring demons. Sexuality and sexiness shouldn't ever need to be one of those things. While, granted, I keep my Femme Domme business very separate from my day to day life and interestingly, it doesn't play a role in my relationship, I'd like to think it's something I own. What you are, who you are, and what and who you seek are all up to you and that thing that you're doing and maybe it's with that willing participant. Past that, does it really need to matter how weird it gets? If it's sexy, it's fucking sexy, and that's the way I like it.