I’m a sex-positive yankee atheist living in the Bible Belt and I have been cross-dressing as Frank-N-Furter in our local Rocky Horror Picture Show for the last five I guess you could say I’m a bit of an outsider around here.

I have always liked the way my legs look and my wife would absolutely list them as one of my best features. I have played soccer since I was a kid and then I got into martial arts as a teen. By college I was playing rugby and now I’m Lindy Hopping all the time, so throughout most of my life I have played sports or had hobbies that helped create a lot of lower body strength. My ass and thighs and calves are well defined and are definitely the feature that I get compliments on the most, so I feel pretty good about them. Plus, you should see them in my Frank-N-Furter heels, goddamn.

I generally don’t think about feeling sexy without some type of interaction with someone else though. Connecting with another person and having the back and forth interaction is what really boosts my confidence and mood and gets me thinking about being sexy. I have opinions on how I look and generally I’m pretty happy with my body and I feel confident that I’m attractive, but for me to feel sexy...I don’t usually get there without someone else’s involvement. I thrive on attention, so maybe it’s just a compliment or a look in my partner’s eyes, but when I see that interest, that makes me feel sexy.

Ultimately, I wish that people were more concerned with living their own lives than with trying to control how much sex other people are having or with how many different people. As long as everyone involved is consenting, (in the enthusiastic FUCK YES way), I don’t care who you are having sex with or how often or what your particular flavor is. Have all the sex you want...and if that’s no sex at all, then that’s cool too, but your personal feelings about sex shouldn’t have any impact on what other consenting adults choose to do with their bodies or how they choose to express their sexuality. Be safe, have fun, and get a little weird, (if that’s what you’re into).

Now if only we could get the rest of the world on board.


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