"What categories shall I check to describe myself? woman, female, straight, caucasian, engineer, omnivore, short, only truly comfortable with monogamy - all yes. But people are much more interesting beyond categories. All of us have a range of emotions, desires, goals, fears. The mind is a much more intimate thing to know than just the physical form. A few of my surface thoughts are captured in this shoot, but what else was my mind pondering? I was developing (and still am) a very new relationship with a wonderful guy, so some of that excitement, joy, playfulness probably spilled out.

"Otherwise, this was a fabulous time playing dress-up and showing off different lovely shoes. I really don't take being sexy very serious, you're more likely to catch me giggling instead of any smoldering glances. But I do appreciate my feet that are strong from dancing, and, well, my entire body is pretty amazing. Through it I can interact with music which I consider the soul of my life. Music is a powerful thing that can lighten the heart, allow us to wallow through grief, or express any of life's emotions. What music soothes your heartache today?"

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