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ID: Jared

This is me. You know, with fewer clothes than I'm usually wearing.

This is me exploring my sexuality as my own. A sexuality that is in turns playful, intense, contemplative, hard, soft, powerful and vulnerable. A sexuality that I can express when I choose to, how I choose to, and with whom I choose to (you). In all cases, it's something that I hold with a whole heart and one that I'm learning to fall in love with for what it is - a sacred part of me. 

I like my eyes, sometimes. The hair is an easy one, too. I also really like my hands- they're how I interact with the world, how I work, the parts of me I connect through when I'm dancing the blues. Or fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusion. Or less often, swinging out. My butt's pretty nice too. I like my empathy, my groundedness. I like to see people, and to be seen. I really like to be seen- it makes me feel valued and in some cases, sexy. 

Labels, as they've been applied to me, or as I apply them to myself: I'm straight, cisgendered, monogamish, white, male. In many ways, I felt like a few of those precluded me from being on this blog- special thanks to Braden for talking with me about that. Hella Positive, indeed. We all need to be in this together to dismantle the patriarchy, to reject toxic masculinity, and hopefully, through one little photo set, I'm stepping one step closer to a better way.