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I identify as a cis woman (she/her), bisexual but almost exclusivly heteroromantic. Non-monogamous, sapiosexual, kinky, advocate of sexpositivity. I used to have doubts over being too slutty, but I grew up to being honest and proud of who I am and what I do. Suprisingly, when I share that with supposedly conservative Poles most of the reactions are absolutely positive. It usually goes among lines of "I'd never like to go to swingers club, but if it is something you feel like doing - good for you! Also, your vagina picture on your wall is really cool".

I like being naked. Both alone and among other people. I never really thought that I am pretty, but always kinda liked my body. It's hourglass shape, with boobs to grab, ass to spank and slim waist in between. But recently I gained a lot of weight and started focusing on other things - how my belly rounded or how that area around armpits looks bad in a sleevless dresses. On the one hand, I'd love to change my mindset to 'all bodies are beautiful' and making those pictures was the step in that direction. On the other, I really don't approve my lifestyle. I eat mostly junk food, almost don't excerscise, and I am afraid that if i don't get angry on my looks, i won't change a thing. Anger gets stuff done, unconditional acceptance will only make me eat more cake.

For me feeling sexy is not much about the appearance, clothing or any accesories. I am more of the girl next door than the femme fatale, rarely do make-up or wear high heels. I feel sexy when I dance. I feel sexy when I think about sex. I feel sexy when I am being watched, kissed, touched or when I touch myself. I feel sexy when I flirt. I feel sexy when I feel desired. I love to meet someone new and recognize in their eyes THAT spark, saying "You are cute, I want to do things with you". Those moments when you aren't yet sure how far it will all go, but you know something is definitely there. I'm sexy when I'm ready for whatever the night might bring.