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Starting is always the hardest part so I guess I will just dive right in. I’m here to chew bubble gum and look sexy and I’m all out of bubble gum.   

If you would have told me six years ago I would be so comfortable with myself sexually I would pose in the nude, I would have called you crazy. I grew up as a missionary kid in a very conservative Christian home and was a super goody two shoes. Sex was wrong and you could never, ever be attracted to the same sex.  

Well I guess I’m going to hell now. Oh well! Only the fun people will be there.  

To introduce myself, I am Cayt, a 27-year-old bi-female good with she/her pronouns. I am a huge nerd with my favorite hobbies being video games, watching horror movies and fucking. I am in an open relationship with a primary partner and have been for almost six years now. Without him I can’t say I would’ve had the courage to become my real and true self. Having that support has allowed me to become the damn sexy confident person I am today.  

Looking back over the years I always secretly knew I was attracted to females. Younger me fell in love with Alexa Vega and used to write her letters but was always too shy to send them. I also realize that my female friend I was so protective of in high school, I actually had feelings for. Growing up I always knew there was something missing. I always joke that it was really James Gunn I have to thank for the realization of my sexual identity. It was while watching the lesbian sex scene between Debbie Rochon and Janet Jensen in Tromeo and Juliet that I realized that it turned me on. At this point, I finally admitted to myself what others had known for so long. Realizing your sexual identity is probably one of the most freeing moments in your life. It’s both terrifying due to the fear of others’ perceptions but exciting due to the opportunities that open up to you.  

Since then I have charged forward and never looked back. I am currently a cam girl seeking to further my career in being naked. Thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos!

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