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I am Jasmine. I’m a sorta straight, demisexual, monogamish human who uses she/her pronouns and whose primary love language is touch. I have big boobs, a big butt and an even bigger personality.

Feeling sexy is basically my favorite thing ever. I have been in touch with my sexuality for a while and the ways in which I feel sexy have evolved over the years. When I was younger I found out about lacy underwear and you can be sure that Victoria’s Secret got all of my allowance money that year. For a while, really high heels made me feel incredible; I loved the way my legs look miles long in them and how they always magically made my butt look amazing and perky. Lately, different types of movement have been making me feel sexy. I’ve been taking hip hop lately and noticing how it’s teaching me to control every part of my body and to execute sharp, swift movements. That power of every part of me feels really sensual which is super interesting because having someone else be in control of me is another thing that makes me feel insanely sexy.

I am a pretty rad human and I have many favorite things about myself. I love my long thick hair that always seems to have the perfect amount of curl naturally. I love my hourglass shape and how it looks when it’s accentuated with a form fitting pencil dress or a corset. I love my legs that are strong and muscular and allow me to dance and run and jump.