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Hey my name is Julia. I’m a cishet dinosaur-wannabe who uses she/her pronouns. I also mostly identify as non-monogamous although my last year of being not in a romantic relationship(s) has me questioning my feelings about partnering up with people. I am, however, in a very committed relationship with my cat, tiny (not pictured), who relies on me for food and attention and upon whom I rely for my sanity and general well-being.

I'm a weirdo. Like, a certified weirdo. Like when I was in the middle of my first official sexy photoshoot, I decided it would be a good idea to pick up a mink and pose with it for a good chunk of the shoot. And maybe I'm weird because that mink gave me the confidence to caulk my wagons and float through the uncharted waters of posing half-naked in front of a camera, or maybe it's Maybelline - I guess we'll never know. When I try to act sexy, I end up doing a face like the Grinch when he gets his wonderful, awful idea and if you're friends with me, you probably know exactly which face I'm talking about.

My favorite way to feel sexy on the inside is to put a lot of effort into my external appearance - going through the motions of showering, taking care of my body, styling my hair, putting on makeup, accessorizing, and picking out a bomb outfit to me is suiting up for battle. I do these things to have control over the way others see me and it is what makes me feel powerful. I especially love to emphasize my eyes as I feel they are the core of my ability to hypnotize people and lure them to their deaths. Anyways, that’s enough about me. Now go look at some pictures of me being sexy.