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Howdy droogs! My name’s Dante! I’m a cishet polyamorous performer living in Chicago, and respond to both he & they pronouns.

What I lack in body positivity I’ve always made up for in style!

My fashion sense is cinematically influenced. My speech is theatrical. My physicality is musically motivated.

My favorite feature has always been my hair, even though it’s taken some sweet time to accept its waviness for what it is (I’ve always envied the simplicity of straight hair). Since I can thank my mother for my hair, eyes, cheekbones, and high forehead (and blame my dad for my nose, body hair, and temperament) I prefer to keep it long out of gratitude to my mother for being a crux of sanity in my life. No matter how bad my body dysmorphia is or how low my self-esteem may be, I’m always confident about my hair.

Speaking of confidence, it’s been been a daunting task over the past couple of years to own my androgyny.

My attraction to women and my comfort level for primarily men’s clothing run contrary to my movement/speech patterns and how my vibe on the inside is somewhere between “Fae As Fuck” and “Genderlessly Cartoonish”- at least by gender binary standards. And if you’re reading this I’m confident that we both agree that the gender binary can get fucked anyhow.

So I present as “he” and I'm sexually attracted to women, but I feel genderflux in my heart- and my brain is still trying to catch up to the feelings I’ve been running with.


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