I’m Zipper, and I’m a very good boy. Everybody tells me so, especially my mommy, and she knows best. I like to play fetch the ball, and I run really fast, faster than all the other dogs, always. Also, I only snore minimally.

I have two little sisters, but I’m the biggest and the strongest, and they don’t scare me at all. Not even when Bella gets mad because I maybe accidentally tried to steal her dinner. Her growling doesn’t scare me. No, I’m a big boy, not scared of her and her teeth and her very loud growling. I didn’t want her food anyway…

Sometimes we go on walks. I walk the best, though. I’m a very good walker. I hardly ever get tangled in my leash, because I am the smartest at walking. I walk in front of my sisters where I can lead the way and fend off danger, and where others can see my soft coat and my tail held aloft. I am a handsome boy and people should see me. See how handsome I am? Yes. Now scratch my ears. Give me a cookie. Help me onto the couch and I may deign to snuggle with you. I’ll maybe give you a single lick. Only one. I’m a good boy.