What’s up! I’m b, your friendly neighborhood polyamorous switch. I’m agender, panromantic, & demisexual, so I experience romantic attraction to basically everyone but only experience sexual attraction to someone after we’ve formed a deep bond of trust & connection.

I adore dressing feminine & masculine, but both of them feel like a form of drag. The clothes I wear on any given day are a form of camouflage, or armor, or a blazing neon sign designed to redirect. This shoot captures me as I take my armor off, unwrap the camouflage, and show up in my ultra-elusive fae dreamer self.

I love modeling because it’s like an imaginatorium where I can tell stories with my body, and hopefully give other shy dreamers a glimpse of a kindred spirit.

What makes me feel sexy is being seen - and I mean really seen, with presence and love, as a sexual being and not a sexual object.

My favorite part of my body is all of it. I’m proud of my scars, because they show where I’ve been. And I’m SUPER vain about my neck, freckles, tits, & lips.

I’m continually shocked by how much I love being seen. It makes me feel like I got plugged into a light socket, and all the parts of me I that had forgotten about blaze up, and suddenly I’m a three-tiered rainbow crystal chandelier shining above a feast of fruit.

Many thanks to Braden for giving me the safety and space to be seen.


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