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Hey everyone, Jason here! Or Josh if you are close enough to me to call me that (all the best people have). I've always associated with a masculine identity, but a couple people have seen me in drag and I'm told it was a thing to behold...I'm definitely male, straight(ish), and in a polyamorous/relationship anarchy lifestyle. Male because...well TSA calls it a "groin anomaly".(Ish) is because occasionally it is fun to kiss other guys let's all be real. Polyamorous because I've challenged myself, grown, and developed much deeper relationships across the board because of the openness and communication that comes along with it.

Touch me. Desire me. Compliment me. Flatter me. Tell me how sexy I am. These are things that I used to base my "sexiness" on. I couldn't see it for myself. I was always too skinny, no chest, tiny arms, overbite and bald. I did have abs though, that I definitely recognized in myself. No denying that. But I just couldn't get why everyone would say so much positivity about my body. I mean, after all, I look really nothing like the stereotypical "male hotness". Turns out though, with enough constant positive feedback, you can start to see yourself in a different light. This photo shoot was the pinnacle act of my "transformation" of how I see myself. I love the way my body looks. I have definition for DAYS, musculature, uniqueness, and most importantly now: confidence. I can see the things everyone would say about me. I like touching myself (haha no not like that! Well ok...yea like that too), flexing for nobody but me, and telling myself just how good I look. And when I decide to actually bail on the flip flops and dress up in a fitted shirt and snazzy shoes? MMMMMMMMMMMMM

I love my hobbies. And I would say those are an integral part of me. I certainly have a few. Some manifest in physical ways like bondage, shibari, D/s, dancing, and video games. Others are a hobby of mind (reading, movies, intellectual discourse, internet correcting). But the part I love most about myself is that I have all this ability in me and I actually enjoy using it. And if we are talking about my body, I definitely still love my abs. They've always been there for me and they helped me transition to loving the rest of my body. Plus damn, let's be real, I've got some abs. It's funny, when my anchor partner and I became poly, I was sure that she'd be the one with multiple relationships and I'd just be along for the ride. That's what happens when you have little self-confidence. Today, I've certainly raised my confidence level. It happens very specifically for me, like a videogame almost. I'll have an experience, say a rad photoshoot where I'm in a living room full of people and just being fully out there and exposed. And then that experience will be so overwhelmingly positive (applause, staring, lip biting, whatever) that I simply must send it back. So I make a mental note, capture the moment, and I send it back to my middle school self to say "Yo, check out your life later on. You are definitely rad. Chin up!" and I can literally FEEL my confidence in that moment and today go up. Rad sexual experience with a new partner? +1 C. Fantastic compliment? +1 C. Photoshoot in cabin surrounded by friends and feeling HOT? +2 C. It just keeps going.

I love tying people up, I love creating art with rope, I love creating art with humans, I love touch, I love intimate conversations, I love sex, I love cuddling, I love new relationship energy, I love the safety and comfort of long relationships, and I love myself.