I tend to be pretty feminine, but I don't see how softness or being demure is a strictly female quality. I am gender queer, and embracing that part of myself has only made my life a more happy one. They/them, if you please. I'm polyamorous, though very shy; I tend to seek out intimate friendships more than casual partnerships. For me, friendship and sex make for incomparable bedmates.

I can't resist laughing in bed, secret kisses, wit. I grew up on the poetry of Whitman and Byron, I don't think I can help myself when someone starts to recite sweet nothings while wrapped up in a close embrace. Finding what I like about myself has been a journey and continues to be. I know this is something I'm not alone in, and that gives me a bit of courage. I have found that I like the corners of my eyes, my unforced smile, my legs, and cheeks.

For a long time, I have tried to erase my soft, whimsical self in order to be more alluring, and somehow sexier. But being soft, light, intimate, and humorous should not be swept aside in the bedroom; the best memories made, I feel, are made with a smile on our face. Why should sex be any different?