So this shoot isn't really part of the Hella Positive project but was just born out of a desire to make some art under my own direction, and play with lights again since I haven't done that in a while. That said, all I had was two small flashes and a couple of friends to hold them, no modifiers or stands or anything, and never found the time to actually, ya know, plan anything, so we just sorta went for a walk around and made some photos out in the cold. Poor Cate, it was about 40 degrees out. Anyhoo, I wanted to share these any way because I like what we were able to make, and I look forward to more personal art projects of various kinds in the future, even if they're super fast low budget things like this. And if you wanna see more Cate, don't worry, we're going to do another shoot sometime in the future, one that more accurately represents her personality and fits within the ethos of the Hella Positive project.