I'm Jessica, a heterosexual female practicing monogamy. That title sounds too generic for my disposition, but technically I am a girl with a popular 90s name who likes one boy at a time.

During my daily life, I don't feel as though I exude sexiness. I feel sexiest when I'm dancing with my hair down. Whether it's alone, for one person, or for an audience, I feel sexier in motion. Contemporary dancing seems to best reflect my emotions and enables me to let my feelings out because it can encompass every style of dance with or without music. Sometimes just holding hands makes me feel sexy, but holding hands is a dance of its own.

My hands are one of my favorite exterior parts of me. They're what I look at on my body the most. I have a scar I got from my dog when I was 7 on my left hand and a freckle on my right. If I didn't have that scar I would have a tattoo in memory of my Angel.

I love my passion for animals. Meeting an animal can make my whole day. Elephants and sloths are my favorite animals because of their personalities. My love of every animal is one of the traits I've kept from my childhood. I also love my passion for so many types of art. Growing up I never wanted to be an artist, but it's who I am. When my emotions are heightened, stories spill out of me in various art forms. I love of how many mediums I use to teach and create art, and I'm grateful I've turned my lifelong hobbies into a career. I try to be someone both 96 year old me and 6 year old me would be proud of.

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