Ember was actually a cheerleader for a different shoot I did. While chatting during the shoot they expressed interest in maybe doing something like this, and before I could blink the tables had turned and suddenly they were the one being cheered. This whole thing was done for a lark in about 15 minutes. When I asked what sort of vibe they wanted, they described their aesthetic as "trashy Renaissance painting." We also did an interview too, so here are some words they wrote:

How do you identify? 

Gender fluid, but exclusively femme in the bedroom. Pretty kinky and still figuring out what all that means.

What makes you feel sexy? 

Honestly? It varies. It can be my little girl panties or my fur coat or really whatever makes me feel awesome. Sometimes it's just the person I'm with; I mean if you don't feel sexy sometimes doesn't mean they can't think you are :> Sometimes it's even actions I take like standing up to people or making really good work. Sometimes it's a gogo dress, sweater, and Doc's. Its funny. During the day I make a pretty conscious effort to desexualize myself. I want people see more than just a body, which unfortunately doesn't happen often enough. But who needs those people?

What is your favorite part of you? 

I have a great personality :^> lol I'd say that and my eyes. Trying to love all of me is a hard thing to do, but we all gotta learn somehow. Oh and the fact that despite me having trouble loving myself sometimes, that i am more than willing to help others find the self respect they need.

Is there anything else you want the world to know about you and/or your views on sex/sexuality/relationships? 

Don't have sex if you hate yourself that second. Or really anything sexy for that matter. Do it because it's fun, because that person is hot, or because you are horny or whatever. But don't do it if you feel insecure. In my eyes that's using a person as an emotional crutch and being in it half heartedly hurts the other party. A lot. That and it can form an unhealthy relationship with the act that is really difficult to get out of. I used to use that and relationships as a form of validation and honestly while it led to some great times, I wish I didn't feel that way going in. Hell I even refuse sex with my boyfriend if I'm not feeling super sexy.