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You can call me Ivory. I am a 26 year old, cis, mostly heterosexual woman (she/her pronouns). My relationship styles have been fully monogamous and also monogamish and I definitely have an interest in further exploring the world of polyamory and open relationships. I enjoy sex a lot, some kinky stuff, and recently dipped my toes into the world of BDSM (something I'd also like to explore further).

My body likes to move, whether it be dancing, swinging around a pole, flopping around the floor in 7 inch heels, or any type of physical exercise really- I just hate sitting still. A few years ago, I picked up pole dancing and enjoy challenging cultural and social norms by expressing and exploring my sexuality through this art form. Not to mention being able to do gravity defying moves makes me feel pretty fucking badass.

I feel sexiest when I've been taking good care of my body; when I'm strong and flexible from attending regular pole classes, getting sufficient sleep, eating a balanced diet, and taking time to de-stress by foam and ball rolling my body.

Clothing (and lack of too) brings all the sexy feels. I feel really good lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday in my silky bathrobe, exposing a lacy bralette under a low cut tank, or wearing anything booty hugging. I also really enjoy walking around the house naked or in my underwear.

My big booty is one of my favourite body parts and I'm also pretty proud of the muscles I've earned through my physical activities. I work hard and I'm proud of how I look because of it. I also love the contoured elegance of my clavicle, my big brown eyes and bright smile.

I've followed Braden's Hella Positive work for a few years and have wanted to be a photo shoot subject for so long. These photos turned out magical and absolutely stunning, thanks Braden!