A Dragon!

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Hi friends! I'm an overly-enthusiastic, extroverted, demisexual/gray-sexual, hetero-romantic cis-lady in House Slytherin, hella ENFP. I love hugs, dancing, and conversations over a pint of stout or a dram of whiskey in a candlelit room in the dead of winter. I'm obsessed with all things music and spend most weekends either at a concert or in a jam session with friends. I'm also an unapologetic nerd, and I really really love food (cooking is SO FUN!).

I wanted to do this photoshoot to show that aces can enjoy showing off what they've got, too. I love being active - cycling, yoga, dancing - and I like showing off how that's made my body more toned in the last few years. I like feeling powerful (like a fucking DRAGON). I also wanted to be unconventionally sexy and not just wear lingerie... so like, a SEXY DRAGON. I love any excuse to wear a costume. If I'm going to put in the effort to look sexy, it's going to be damn memorable for people, but I never think of myself as "sexy." I don't know if I actually want people to think of me as sexy, even though I'm calling this the sexy dragon photoshoot. I just enjoy not wearing lots of clothes sometimes. I'm more flattered when someone comments on my music or cooking, or when someone is genuinely interested in hearing what I have to say.

I haven't dated much, but I would say I'm fairly monogamous. I get crushes pretty easily, but it takes that deep, emotional connection before I'd even consider wanting to be sexual with them. And even if that happens and I actually end up in a relationship with that person, I prefer to take it slow, because the sexual feelings are infrequent. Despite having lots of friends who are polyamorous/kinky/etc, I'm pretty vanilla and basically still a virgin (a juxtaposition I find pretty hilarious - also my friends are super chill and supportive, and I'm really grateful for that). I don't understand why sex has to be the goal in relationships. Some people love it, and that's great, but honestly, no man can possibly please me as much as the 2014 Bourbon County Brand Stout Vanilla Rye, so like... I'm in no rush.

I grew up in a conservative, religious culture that puts a lot of pressure on people to date and get married. The obsession with dating and appearance used to make me feel like I was ugly, because throughout high school I had all these romantic interests and none really reciprocated - just general bad luck. At one point I was sat down and asked why I wasn't dating anyone, and if I'm secretly a lesbian (which, in a conservative family, would have been a Bad Thing). I'm still not out as demi to my family - I don't know if they'd get it, and I don't really think they need to know. I spent my college years not only earning a music degree, but also unlearning the idea that if you're single then you must be a failure. Every once in a while I still go into toxic thought world, especially since my last relationship was years ago. At least these days, the toxic thoughts have nothing to do with my appearance (I took a photoshoot as a dragon in a fucking bralette and pleather shorts - I'm feeling pretty good about my body now). I'm content with where my life is now, and I look forward to whatever experiences may be in my future, whether that includes relationships or not.