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My name is Emily and I am Ravenclaw, pansexual, cis-female and use she/her pronouns. I pride myself on my obscure Harry Potter facts, my butt, having a Dumbledore quote for almost any situation, my lips, my voice, my banjo playing skills, and arguably being the most incredibly awkward flirter in the world. My flirtation style is being as blunt as possible. It centres around things I like about people in hopes of making them feel good, giggle and blush... unfortunately that is also generally how I communicate and try to make friends. Even I'm not always sure if I'm flirting or not. I love mutual flirting. It makes me feel playful, intense, sexy, and up for a challenge. 

It has taken me some time to see myself in these photographs. I often disassociate my brain from my body and it takes me some time to look and see a reflection of who I am in pictures. Here, there are so many versions of me. I see my nerdy self. I see me who is regularly lost in thought. I see a softer side and a curious side of myself. I see a silly, sexy, and dare I say sticky side which somehow feels the most like me as I'm unable to contain my laughter. However, while these are all ways that I perceive myself on a regular basis, they're not how I perceive myself sexually. 

I feel sexy when I'm being playful and snuggly. I feel sexy when I'm heavily connecting with another person on a romantic and deep emotional level. I feel sexy when I lose myself to a song. I feel sexy when someone is on their knees, begging me to let them touch me and all I have to do is let one word out to grant their wish, or make them work harder to earn it. I feel sexy when I allow myself to gain and lose control in turn. 

Vulnerability and passion to me are what makes someone attractive. I find myself attracted to people who are willing to let me see beneath the surface. I find myself attracted to people who get excited about something and are willing to share their joy. I find myself attracted to people who are open and willing to try new things, especially when it's discovering new things together. 

However, none of these things really lead to much without connection. Connection is my catalyst for love of all varieties. It is what starts to give me goosebumps and butterflies and all sorts of involuntary physical reactions. It could be connection for just a moment, it could be a connection that last years, but without connection, I am never truly satisfied. It can allow people to discover a new world, get lost in it together, or let the rest of the world melt away. Those are the moments in which I feel the most sexy;  those are the moments in which I feel the most vulnerable; and, those are the moments in which I feel the most passionate.