Vox Redux

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There's something about a camera. It makes a person feel one of two ways; either they feel shy and insecure, or they feel powerful and the most sexy they're able. I prefer the latter. A camera gives you the ability to tell the exact story you desire it to. A camera gives you the control that being in person never can. 

My story is one of many paths and many endings. A story that is filled with great adventures and sad ends. New beginnings and rich history.

I want to give as much as my heart can bleed. I want to experience as much as my feet can get dirty, as much as my lungs can swell with breath, as much as my heart can pound with anxiety. I wish to feel the warmth of others and the cold of isolation. I want to flip those scripts, just as well.

Beauty, sexiness, power.... it can all be obtained by anyone that wants to reach for it.

Pain and strife can paint beautiful pictures, too. It is the madness with which some create their greatest works.

Own your story. Own your path. Own your history and your future. 

Go on an adventure. Go on one of any kind. Let it be mentally, let it be physically, let it be spiritually, but let it engulf you and take you under. 

You are mine, as I am yours. For this, I am happy, and forever grateful.   Thank you. For everything, dear spirit. 

Thank you for the ability to feel yours and share mine.