Hi! I’m Moxie! I’m a straight serial monogamist in a beautiful relationship with a loving, open-minded, magical human. I’m with someone who encourages me to be my biggest and boldest self, and I’ve been reaping the benefits of exploring my body, my mind, and whatever truly turns me on. Sexually I am submissive, to the extent that I love for someone else to curate an experience for me and take me on an emotional, psychological, and physical ride. I shine in passivity and unfurling, and feeling my partner be honored with the gift of my submission. I’m not interested in intercourse with anyone that is not my partner, but I love the art of attraction and the electricity of holding someone’s attention. Everyone’s attention. I love to be admired and treasured. My biggest turn on is someone saying “I’ve never met a woman like you,” or, “No one has ever made me feel this way.” Yes, basically I’m made of bad movie writing.

And I’m a professional foot goddess! As a sexual submissive, I feel deeply touched by my foot slaves and really understand the complexity of the experience they are seeking. I am astonished at how much I love to Domme when the tables are turned. What a thrill to provide a task, a scenario of restriction or pain, and then praise and soothe in such a way that I can see my sub become profoundly happy and peaceful. It is fun, it is tender, it is beyond rewarding. In these photos, I think you can see the push and pull of how I like to be seen -- feminine, submissive, precious -- versus what I can offer to clients -- confidence, command, dominance. I do also have “vanilla” clients who I adore, and I love their connection to my feet, and their appreciation of me. I only perform legal services, no “foot jobs,” so my clients are true foot connoisseurs. I am grateful that these little size 5 feet with sky high arches, which have been a source of pain and frustration in my athletic life, have become a gift to share with the world. It helps me love my body and be kind to myself. It keeps me in a place of appreciation, for myself and for the wonderful people I spend time with. I hope you enjoy the photos, and feel the love! xoxo