"I am a fat cis woman who also identifies as queer and a feminist. In the past I have had depression and anxiety, and my medication has made it pretty difficult to feel anything, let alone sexy. Even though I am recovering, I don't always feel present in my body, and I get especially anxious about being in public spaces and taking up space.

"Since finding dance my relationship with my body has improved, and I feel able to harness the power of the bits that jiggle.Finding a fat positive group in London has been incredibly helpful too, because I have a community that has helped me to not be so self critical and to just ‘be’. And I have grown to really love the shape of my body and the shapes it makes - from the curve of my bum to the lines I can hold when I dance.

"I know not everyone wants to feel sexy all the time, and honestly the things we’re told are sexy aren't things we all feel comfortable with. I would love for there to be more representations of what sexy means to fat people - and for there to be acceptance about what people find sexy."

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