"Being a cis-gendered, straight, middle-class, repressed, Englishman I feel as though I'm not suited to be featured on an amazing blog such as this. I have, however, spent most of my life trying to convince myself that I look good, and what looking good is, and I finally feel though I'm making my way there, all but 33 years into my life.

"Growing up I was your stereotypical geek, big glasses, bad hair, very skinny, and I've been really trying to feel sexy as a man for most of my life. I tend to look in the mirror everyday and see something slightly different, feeling of getting fat, losing muscle, strange hair formations just around my nipples. On a good day I feel sexy, which to me is seeing myself as fitting into the general idea of what it is to be a man.

"I really care that people have the agency to confidently be who they are, and express themselves in all the beautiful ways that they can. For me, I have found some agency in the last year in Absurdism, which has helped me to care less about the way in which people view me, and what it is for me to feel sexy.

"Feeling sexy for me has and will continue to be a struggle, and even as I write this I know that there are days when I won't be happy that I took these photos, but there will be many more days where I'm really pleased I did!"

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