Sauda Part 2

My art is sexual self expression; be it coy, contemplative, explicit, fetish, or farce. I’m a kinky, sapiosexual, bi, poly, sex positive cis woman, who really enjoys the way music can set a mood. As a striptease artist, I use music to draw in the viewer and set up the scene of my act or video. My musical tastes encompass an exceptionally wide range, but in my own bedroom it tends to center around artists such as Peeping Tom, Stabbing Westward, Nine Inch Nails, Sneaker Pimps, and Portishead. I think you can tell a lot about a person’s go-to style by what their sex soundtrack looks like. Aural stimulation is so often overlooked as a key turn on. While you look at this collection Braden has so masterfully captured, turn up the tune Bad Girl by multi-talented burlesque sensation Nina LaVoix (find it here).

For as long as sexuality has been present in my life, I’ve been curious about every facet of it. I suppose that’s the source of this undefinable allure, which coaxes a comfort out of friends and acquaintances to tell me about their sex lives. I’ll listen to all the questions and problems, either just as a sounding board or aid in a sort of armchair sexologist way. No matter the topic, I’m open and honest about what is usually said behind closed doors, or never uttered above a timid whisper. I encourage those around me to explore themselves and their desires without embarrassment or intimidation, and take an immense amount of satisfaction from assisting them on their journey. There’s so much to learn, to experience, to discover.

“Forces of inspiration and rejuvenation are converging upon me. Each moment fueled with intense desire. I tug upon the intangible, those threads of shared experience linking minds. Fragments snap back to nourish my spirit. The unvarnished truth is assembled piece by piece. Life is merely a mosaic. Endeavor to craft a bold and intricate work of art.” -Sauda Namir, Sunday Essay for LadyBox Books


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