Sauda part 3

The many definitions of my own sexuality all inform each other in some way. I’m a poly, bi, sapiosexual, kinky switch. I don’t expect anyone to be all things to me at once; there are too many contradictions for that to be achievable! My partners satisfy unique aspects of me. One partner is vanilla, another is Dominant, and at times I’ve taken on additional female identified subs. I value variety and diverse connections. I pride myself on being good, giving, and game (GGG). My pleasure is often derived from my partner’s satisfaction.

Both in my art and my personal life, I enjoy playing with paraphilias. A certain quality of pain, delivered just so, is sublime. Trust is the cornerstone of a scene, and the foundation of my relationship to my partner. It is in this framework that the sting of a riding crop, thud of a whip, shock of a neon wand become transcendent. Add to that the divinity of guiding a flame, and wax play is all this and more. There is power and awe in the elemental, as there is between Master and servant. There is beauty in tender torment, and tranquility in submission.

“My knees fall into the plush mat below; I draw the waters forth for you. My wrist dances in the flow, while my heart quickens beneath my breast. A chill races up my spine, sending cerise locks tumbling forth as I lean on edge. Your fingertips graze the sparse finery bestowed upon my nape, and trace the line of leather until it collides with steel. Slipping deftly inside the steamy basin, at once enticing yoke, our eyes locked, you inspect my eager consumption. I yield to you fully, blithely, fervidly. Have me as you wish, my service is boundless as my lust. Your pleasure is my passion.”

If you’d like to delve deeper with me, I wrote about my primary kink life-partner in a piece for Imperial Youth Review 3: Giant Sized Sex Issue. I hope you’ve enjoyed this three part series, as much as I relished creating it with Braden. You are cordially invited to my website,, where you’ll find more of my erotic arts and links to follow me on the social media platform of your choice.

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