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I identify as a Black, cis pansexual woman from Harlem. Embracing my Black Womanhood for me means being unapologetically Black and allowing myself absolute freedom of expression, regardless of how society struggles to confine me. I love challenging myself to embrace my vulnerability just as thoroughly as I embrace my dominance. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is my greatest reward. 

I feel my sexiest when when I'm putting on a show. I enjoy the illusion of being unattainable and thriving off the energy of my audience (my partner). I find it best to simply ride the wave of our chemistry. I usually end up with people who are equally as dominant, but being a switch grants me the freedom to become submissive at my whim. At 22, my favorite part of myself is my flexibility and appetite for growth. I'm an Aquarius who is happiest when evolving, inside the bedroom and out. 

I'm pursuing everything I want out of life and will continue to do so while embracing myself as a multi-dimensional, sexual being.

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