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My name is Lucy, and I’m a polyamorous, hedonist, and vegan feminist and ally. I’m 21 years old and I’m a straight, cis woman. I work as a porn performer and occasional sex ed writer, and I’m passionate about BDSM, sex education, and art in all its forms.

Sex is a major part of my life, and I experience so many facets of it that it was difficult to decide what to write about for this piece. A typical week for me these days will include shooting a porn scene, modelling for nude photos, doing a few intense BDSM scenes in my personal life, and then staying up all weekend going to sex clubs or play parties. I try and remember that this lifestyle I’ve built probably seems pretty extreme and crazy to some people (it was unthinkable to me just two years ago!), as it’s accepted, celebrated, and normalized in my circles here in Berlin.  I am so thankful to live in Berlin, where I can express myself to the absolute fullest in these ways with no boundaries, even in public spaces. 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I feel the same way about sexiness. My sexiness is always a part of me, but I feel it the most when someone is appreciating it in a positive way – whether it’s people staring at me as I walk through a party, a friend at a club touching me while we flirt, my partner looking up at me as I hurt him, or people watching me have sex on a screen. I’m a major exhibitionist, if you couldn’t already guess! I also really feel my sexiness during power exchange – I thrive on the sexual power of being a Domme, and I also love being sexually objectified as a sub.

I’m really thankful to be so appreciative and positive about my sexuality and body, and to be surrounded by people who are as well. A lot of it is circumstance – growing up in a household that wasn’t religious or sex negative, happening upon some great sex ed resources online when I was a teenager, and then moving to one of the most sex positive cities in the world for entirely unrelated reasons. But I also worked for a lot of it, by doing things like forcefully pushing through the discomfort that usually surrounds talking openly about sex and genitals, gradually pushing myself to be comfortable being naked and fully exposed in front of people, and dissecting and getting rid of any sex-negative thoughts. At the risk of tooting my own horn too much, I have to say that being this sex-positive and self-accepting is really fucking awesome. I want everyone to feel this way, which is why I am so passionate about spreading sex-positivity, body-confidence, and sex education.