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She/her, my dears.

I've looked pretty much the same for the past 20 years, down to the haircut. How I've felt in this body has ebbed and flowed, shifted and settled, warped and wefted, and now I'm wrapped in myself as my body changes once again. I'm so here for this ride.

Sexy? Fuck yeah, I am. But not only in pin up mode. I walk through this world and I throw sex off me like dandelion seeds, whatever I may be wearing. You see me in the morning after a night of crying in my makeup and I remain a powerful creature. I'm not just sexy, I'm sensual. A sensory seeker. Decadent. Hedonistic. Luxuriating in each moment. Taking it all in and giving it all off.

I am coy, I am raunchy, I am wild, I am demure (ha!), I am flirty, I am shy, I am big, I am shiny, I am warm, I am full, I am fucking femme magic.

People are amazing and I just want to touch them and be touched by them, body and soul, in all the ways. I fall in love daily, and though it breaks my heart, I wouldn't change a damn thing about that.

So here's me. I'm not here for your consumption, but y'all can come with me if you want.


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