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My name is Ashley Sylvester (She/Her) a bisexual circus artist from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life and I guess because of that I was always looking for a way to leave. There is that old phrase, “run away with the circus.” I guess for me, it stuck. For the last 6 years of my life I had dedicated my time, blood, sweat and tears into becoming a professional circus artist and performer.

Throughout my journey, I found that the only thing that has ever made me feel sexy is being able to express myself. Whether it was through dance, circus, or musical theater, if I was able to be unapologetically myself, THAT, was sexy. Throughout circus training my body basically went through what I like to call “second puberty.” I gained strength, my shoulders got wider, my arms got bigger and instead of feeling self conscious about it. I loved it. My big back might even be my favorite part of my body.

Circus probably saved my life, but I really have a lot more to live. I get to be unapologetically me and there is nothing sexier then someone living their truth.