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My name is Brit, I am a genderfluid, usually female presenting, queer human who doesn't give a fuck about what pronouns people use to refer to me (just don't call me ma'am)!

I identify strongly with the label/relationship style non-monogamous and have for as long as I've known what it was. I've never actually been in a monogamous relationship. I've had periods of only seeing one partner, but I've never been emotionally monogamous. 

Finding the strength and bravery to do this photoshoot with Braden was very difficult. I've been overweight my whole life. I was at the heaviest I'd ever been last fall. Over the last year I've lost 41 pounds and started identifying with my own body as something that could, maybe, possibly, be sexy. 

I came to the realization that if I love the people I love for what is between their ears, not what is between their legs, why shouldn't I love myself the same way?

Being able to work with Braden to turn my body into art, was not only a wonderful milestone of my personal weight loss journey, but also a milestone of my openly being, loving, and embracing my genderfluidity.

I am excited to have done this, and I am excited to continue along both my weight loss journey, and my exploration into non-binaryness.