Bailey Irish

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Hello, world! I am Bailey Irish, a Chicago-based burlesque performer, comedian, & artist. She/Her & They/Them; a bit gender-fluid, but gender is dumb, so who cares! Queer AF, Pansexual AF, monogamous & in a long-term, committed relationship with my best friend & partner, Booker Dano. Cat-mother of 2, taco lover, and all-around goof.

As a burlesque performer (and a female-bodied person in general), there is a lot of pressure to be traditionally “sexy.” But I have rarely fit into that traditional bubble. Fortunately, the Chicago burlesque community is quite a unique little haven for the weird and the wonderful.

Through my burlesque, I have found a part of me that I didn’t know could make me feel sexy. I’m fucking funny. And that’s fucking sexy.

I believe that sexy comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin, and I am the most “me” when I am making people laugh. My comedy is loud, outrageous, and unapologetic (I especially love a good dick joke). And it makes me love being me.

“Half sexy, half WHAAAAT???,” I am always 100% Bailey.

Check me out performing regularly with my burly family, PS…Burlesque, and support my art through my Etsy shop, TheStarvingFartist.

Keep laughing, sexy <3