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I am a relationship anarchist. I want people to be with me and near me because they truly want to and not because they feel an obligation, and I want to show others the same respect. The transition from monogamy to relationship anarchy has been taking place for a while now - slowly at first, but I feel that I’ve really come into my own the past couple years. I think this transition has helped me to become the best version of myself.

I’m less dependent on other people / more comfortable being alone. At the same time, my relationships are more fulfilling than in my monogamous days. Ridding myself of the need to place expectations and obligations on other people has made me the happiest I’ve ever been. It leaves people to be exactly what they’re capable of being to me and in the amounts they’re able.

I have multiple people who could be called partners who I love in different ways and for different reasons. I have many friends, some of which are so close to me and who I snuggle at such a frequency that it’s hard to know where the line between friends and dating is and whether we’ve crossed it. But the beauty is—and the point is—it just doesn’t matter. When I’m not worried about where I am on some relationship spectrum with someone, I’m more capable of enjoying what it is that we have, regardless of what label might be thrust upon it.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by loving people. People who are kind and respectful. People who are able to have intense conversations without starting a fight. People who love (or really like!) me for me and only ask for the friendship, intimacy, and time that I am capable and willing to give them. People who love to snuggle!

I feel like a rich lady. :)