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I love to love. 

My name is Frida, and my views on love and sexuality and giving and life… really are centric to one core principle. Compersion.

Give without attachment… and without expectation. Give freely-- and be generous. I identify as genderqueer, pansexual, and polyamorous. In a world where so often we can be devalued because of our aesthetics or physicality-- it can make one feel intensely wealthy to be so  physical and giving to others. Being generous makes me feel sexy. Giving to others, creating an emotional and physical safe space while connecting… that is my greatest joy. Well, that and cooking. I love to feed people.

When one asks about sexiness, it can often elicit scenes like the photos we took… seduction, anticipation, joy… For me, sexiness I find in others is more my attraction and adoration of who they are, as individuals. 

I see beauty in you. 

Go out there and love intensely-- and often. Be good to your fellow person. 

That is sexy AS FUCK.