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Hey, I’m Sean. I like coffee, dancing, roller skating, and most of all committing to bits. I use she/her pronouns and lie within the bi/ pan spectrum. You can be my friend if you like memes. You can be more than a friend if you don’t mind incredibly specific memes in lieu of flirting. 

I suffer from something I like to call “ugly duckling syndrome.” By which I mean it took both myself and society at large a little while to realize that I’m hot. Really fucking hot. So, now that I’m a swan, I really just want to yell it from the rafters. “I’m a swan!! Isn’t that cool! A big white beautiful bird!!” And --  if we’re going to run with this swan metaphor for a bit -- swans can fuck shit up! They’re powerful! They’ll bite you! So in that regard, swanlike is exactly the way I want to wield my hotness. Aggressively.

I made the decision to become aggressively hot about a year ago. I’ve always had just enough self confidence to intimidate people (and low enough self esteem for this fact to baffle me,) so I figured, why not lean into it? 

Like many of us that were socialized female, compulsory heterosexuality did a number on me. Despite having a few close gay friends, it never even occurred to me that I too could be “one of the gays” until I was in college. Even still, once I had decided that I was bisexual, there was the nagging feeling that I might not REALLY be queer. I had never had sex with a lady, I how was I supposed to know I liked it? Was I just convincing myself of my queerness so that I could be special? Didn’t everyone feel that way about boobs? I’m not exaggerating when I say that it took until I had been face to face with a pussy to finally realize the legitimacy of my queerness. I even said “congrats! I’m gay!” to my partner afterwards. Now that I'm no longer constantly questioning the validity of my own feelings, I couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks. I'm gay, and I'll do what I want.   

If you, dear reader, will allow me a tangent for a moment, I do think that a lot more individuals might realize they are attracted to vulvas if we address societies misogynistic view of them as gross. For me personally, I can’t count the amount of times I thought (or even said!) that I would “TOTALLY date another girl, but I don’t think I could ever go down on one.” In my adolescence I was fed so much about how gross eating pussy was. News flash: its not. Let's flip the script. Eating pussy is great 2k19. 

Back to it. What makes me feel sexy. Aggressively hot. Lets go. I’ve taken you on this journey to  say that I am shaping what makes me feel sexy, what I think looks sexy, wholly anew for my fully realized queer identity. For whatever reason (maybe the fact that villains are queer coded? another tangent for another blog,) when I want to look hot and gay, I want to look mean. I want to look put together and confident. I want to look like the barista you breathlessly tell your coworkers about after your coffee break. I want to look like the 70s babe that fucked everybody at studio 54. So that’s what I’ve brought you. Enjoy. 

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