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Hello: My name is Jocelyn, and I’m a 6’2” queer human belonging to House Slytherin. I enjoy the feeling of putting on lipstick, taking off clothing with a person that fills me with electricity, and showing off my dance moves to jazz in bars when I know people are watching.

When I feel the most sexy is when I’m being unapologetically myself. It’s when I’m choosing how I present myself, letting my laughter spill out, vocalizing my opinions, and continuing to quote movie lines when no one has any idea what I’m talking about. For me feeling sexy also means a complete declaration of autonomy. My body is a temple and I get to decide what happens to it. I choose the piercings or tattoos that adorn my canvas, the food that fuels my energy, to whom I gift the allowance to touch me, and my right to say “no” at any time. The word “no” has been a word that I have used to its full power only a handful of times. But in regards to the safety, the boundaries, and the pleasures of my body I am learning to say it with fierce intention and strength. My body is my own and anyone who says otherwise can kindly fuck off.

Vulnerability is difficult to allow myself at times - to let go of the expectations to be happy and just feel what I need to feel. There was a moment that Braden caught during the shoot when my body started to shut down from exhaustion and stress. It was important to me to include this moment in the published set to shed light on the reality that not all of our feelings are pretty. But regardless, these feelings are valid and must be seen and felt.

Hello: My name is Jocelyn, and this is me.