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Hey lovely humans!

I go by a lot of names, but mostly Amber. I identify as pansexual, gender fluid, kinky, and polyamorous. I am pretty much all of the things. I’m serious, silly, artsy, studious, lazy, intellectual, bratty, attentive, oblivious, reflective, moody, athletic, receptive, clever, obsessive, and so many other words that help me to understand and share what it means to be me. 

I’m drawn into depth, enraptured by passion, and aroused by connection. I feel sexy when look into the eyes of the person before me and see understanding, acceptance, and desire. I also have a really nice ass. My butt doesn’t make me feel sexy simply through existing though, since I don’t view nudity as inherently sexual. It just helps with the ‘desire’ part mentioned before. Despite this, I do enjoy wiggling it at people enough for it to be considered a hobby.

This photo shoot was meant to capture all of the natural beauty that I have learned to hold dear. In it, I am naked to every capacity of the word. I’m sharing myself now, not without fear, but with without shame. I feel at ease when I’m bound in rope—I’m free to submit, and I’m open to trust. My partner Jason, the wonderful person rigging me, has been with me through my best and my worst, and his adaptive and accepting personality created the perfect space for me to express all of who I am for you.