Lucy and Miro

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We are Lucy and Miro, and we are a kinky, non-monogamous couple. We currently have a Master/pet dynamic that is mostly 24/7, but we are both switches. Lucy is polyamorous, and Miro, as part of our dynamic of him being owned, is mostly monogamish. We are both major exhibitionists, and sometimes perform in porn together.

We met around 6 months ago, when a mutual friend dragged a slightly drunk Miro to a pre-party that Lucy was having for a burlesque and fetish night at a Berlin club. 

Lucy: When Miro walked in the door wearing his latex catsuit, my first thought was “damn, he looks good,” and my second thought when he turned around was “damn, he has a nice ass!” I really liked him, and tried to spend some time with him once we got to the club. It’s worth noting that I had been looking for a submissive guy to play with for a really long time at this point! Later in the night, Miro accidentally spilled his drink on my leg. Our mutual friend suggested that Miro lick it clean – I agreed that was a good idea so I told Miro to get down on his knees and clean up the mess. As he was licking my leg I knew that I had found my sub - it just felt right. The rest of the night was pretty tame, but I remember texting my best friends the next day saying “Hey you know how I’ve been looking for a sub for so long? I found him, it’s that guy who was wearing the latex catsuit last night!”

Miro: I can be a little oblivious sometimes. I remember thinking Lucy was really cool, and licking the drink off of her leg was a great moment. Maybe a little light went off in my head that it felt right but the whole party was so overwhelming that I didn’t notice I was totally being flirted with. 

Our first date was to a local latex store – it still took a while after that to get things going, as Miro is not neurotypical and sometimes has a hard time picking up on social cues. Once we both knew that we were into each other, things took off pretty quickly!

BDSM has been a very central part of our relationship since the beginning. It’s a really important way for us to express love and trust to each other, while also enriching each other’s lives. Our current dynamic is a 24/7 power exchange, with the exception of one or two days a week that we spend out of dynamic or switching. We use the titles “kitten” for Miro and “Master” for Lucy, which are good descriptors for our roles.  Pet play is a big part of our dynamic, and Miro is almost always wearing his collar and ears. Service is another important facet; Miro always makes breakfast and coffee for Lucy, cleans her apartment, and runs errands for her. These dynamics continue strongly in our sex life, which also includes a lot of pain play (Lucy is a major sadist and Miro is a major masochist) as well as teasing and denial for Miro. None of these dynamics were strictly laid out beforehand, and there is no contract between us. Everything grew more or less organically, and is always open to discussion and evolution as our relationship develops. One example of that is the recent addition of switching to our relationship – occasionally, Lucy will ask Miro to top her for the night, and our roles will completely reverse. We both enjoy this immensely, not only as a way for us to experience our switch sides, but also as a different and powerful way for us to connect.

Another thing that clicked between us from the beginning was how exhibitionistic we both are. It’s natural, enjoyable, and just plain hot to show as much of our connection and sexuality as we can. It’s very normal for us for Miro to be wearing his cat ears and tail in normal public situations, and for Lucy to be leading him around on a leash at fetish-friendly events. We are both super comfortable being naked in front of people, and we both get really turned on by people watching us have sex. It’s not only about how hot it is though; consciously expressing ourselves is an important ideology we share. Neither of us have any desires to conform to social standards by dressing nor acting in any other way than precisely how we want to. It’s also important to both of us to show people our kink (when appropriate, of course) because a lot of people simply haven’t seen a femdom relationship like ours, or have questions about it. We’ve had some wonderful, meaningful experiences at vanilla (yet sex-positive) events, talking to people who have never seen a dynamic like ours – one where there is visibly a lot of care and love, but also a strong female-led power exchange, and sometimes a lot of pain. We love answering questions and spreading positivity about BDSM.

That’s why we wanted to shoot for Hella Positive – to show all sides of our relationship, and show that we are regular people, not just crazy kinksters that no one can relate to.