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I first got into sex work when I was 18. I started my career as a stripper at Max 2 as a way to help pay for school. I did that for a couple of years but had to stop because I developed breast cancer and needed to take care of it. And let's be real, stripping and cancer don't go well together lol.

Flash forward to my mid 20's. I get an offer, from a friend of mine, to do some payed modeling for an erotic calendar. I jumped on bored and had a blast! I kept doing erotoc modeling as a side gig and it eventually lead to me doing filmed porn. I basically got payed to do intense BDSM sex stuff on camera, and it was awesome! Beating up boys is always a good time for me and I was getting payed to do it lol.

I had to stop filming though because my health once again started to become an issue that kept me from being able to work .

In my late 20's I moved into being an escort. I got into it because someone I know, who is a very well to do hot shot in the business world, needed some arm candy for a charity ball he was going to who could also keep a conversation going and make him look really good. He offered me $200 and I happily agreed. I did this for a while. Sometimes my clients wanted more than just arm candy to make them look good, others just wanted companionship, some just strictly wanted sex, a few actually wanted lessons on how to be better at certain sex acts so I'd teach them. I never had an issue with any of it because I got really lucky and had customers who followed the rules I put down and knew better than to try otherwise. A lot of the guys wanted me to basically be the one in control though (yeah female domme time!) so it really never was an issue. 

Now a days I don't do any sex work professionally any more. I'm still in the kink scene and go to/throw play parties but that's about it. I'm really happy that sex work was a chapter in my life though. It really helped shape me into the person I am today.

To add to this, my family knows that this has been a part of my life and have supported me the entire time. My dad signed me up for self defense classes and taught me how to use certain weapons he got for me, in case anything ever went wrong. My mum would listen while I talked about the fun things I got to do to people. And my sister and brother would be my cheerleaders, and help pump me up and get me excited for events I'd go to.